Changing The Game.

Talent is all around us.

The internet is changing the way the game is being played. People are creating an audience for themselves simply by creating a presence and then spreading the word. I’ve definitely noticed this with regard to blogging. I’m beginning to meet a lot of cool people this way as well as potential business contacts.

Yesterday, while I was doing my daily blogging tour, I ran across a sister out of Detroit who I’ve seen commenting at other blogs that I frequent. I think I initially saw her at Lo Zoner Dawnya’s blog, but yesterday I took the link to her blog after reading one of her comments on another blog. It seems that this young lady has been taking a chance on her poetry and her efforts have resulted in her being featured in Essence magazine. Considering Essence has well over a million subscribers (we won’t even talk about those who just pick it up at the stands) I’d have to say this blogging experience is working out for her. The young lady I’m referring to goes by the tag, Shai.

Shai Lynn Davis resides in Detroit and is currently working on two books of poetry. Shai has recently been featured in the March 2007 edition of Essence magazine. Her poem, Detrimental, is in the Word section on page 189. You can check out her poetry and other writings on her blog:


In case you miss her in Essence, here is her featured peice.


He wanted me
To be a flowing river
Eternally supplying his needs
Him, closed off
Always receiving
Me, feeding him a feast
Him, giving me
Dried up crumbled promises
Only for him to walk away
Me, dangling
Like charms on a bracelet
Along with all the others

-Shai Lynn Kai Davis

Good luck to you Shai in all your future endeavors!


Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

24 thoughts on “Changing The Game.

  1. >I'm so proud of you, Shai! You Are beautiful and I am honored to know you and call you friend!And thanks Lolita for featuring just one (out of many) of the fine writin sistahs out of Motown!!!


  2. >that's a beautiful piece of work shai…but damn, where all these other people come from???????…jackie, peggy, mochasistah, sylvia hubbard, idamae, west, ramblin' am, …welcome to the lo zone, i guess…hell, y'all mighta been up here before me….lolcan you spell "incognegroes"? (;-P


  3. >Hi Shai & Lolita!!Shai: Here to support everything you do. Because you are a great poet and writer!! Congrats from RSW!Thanks Lolita for doing what you are doing!! Showing love and giving support.RealSistaWriter


  4. >Thanks Richard, Lolita and everyone who commented. Yeah, Rich this are my reading, writing and all-around buddies. You said tell my peeps. LOL.


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