Don’t You Wish You Worked For Chrysler?

Chrysler Group will offer some of its 49,600 hourly U.S. workers at select plants up to $100,000 to leave the company as part of a recovery plan announced earlier this month. The company, which lost $1.475 billion in 2006 and said it expects losses to continue through 2007, said on Feb. 14 that it intends to shed 13,000 jobs, including 11,000 hourly positions and 2,000 salaried, as it tries to further shrink itself to match reduced demand for its products.

I guess they went overboard with those 300’s in the past couple of years. I guess they should have been focusing on making better cars than trendy cars.

Keeping with Chrysler’s theme, what would it take for you to voluntarily leave your current employer?

Yahoo News: Chrysler to offer workers up to $100K


Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

5 thoughts on “Don’t You Wish You Worked For Chrysler?

  1. >well, i maybe wrong but the chrysler 300c was one of their best selling cars and on top of that a brother, ralph giles was it's creator. what the US carmakers are figuring out what the japanese have been doing for years…make more quality products with less people. if you take care of your people, your people will take care of you (i.e. good quality products) even though you're leaving the company wif $100k figure in fed taxes 25%, then state taxes around avg. 5%..that's $70,000 after the feds and state had their share. not including "quality" health insurance, which for a family of three, mom, pop and child…around $600 per month (if lucky) x 12 = $7,200 per year…(not including car notes & insurances, mortgages, etc) hmmm, now how much can $70,000 buy you? in a few months? and then gotta find another job to keep it going…not many jobs out there that's going to pay $50k to turn that screw or press that button.


  2. >to answer your question:"Keeping with Chrysler's theme, what would it take for you to voluntarily leave your current employer?"well, tonight's powerball lottery of $90,000,000 may have that answer for me…if not the powerball, it'll be the mega millions lottery on friday night wif $267,000,000 on the table.'nuff said.


  3. >Sanity is something money can't buy, but you have to figure out a way to at least pay the bills. I've been FREE twice. Hopefully the third time will be the charm. I've come back to the corporate plantation only because this system is designed to keep you dependant and it penalizes you when you escape. Decent medical coverage for a family was a around $1200 a month the last time I checked for the self employed person vs. around $300 mth if you get it through an employer. That is, unless you wanted to pay some ridiculous deductible everytime one of your kids needed to go see the doctor. Anyway, I've always had the runaway slave mentality, so while Massa's not looking, I'm getting my escape route down.


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