>Shut up!


“You talk too much, homeboy you never shut up”, that’s the refrain that comes to mind with this story. Get this.
Teacher cuts pupil’s tongue with scissors

What the!!

A Milan teacher cut a unruly 7-year-old pupil’s tongue with scissors to silence him, police and school officials said on Tuesday.

The child, of North African origin, needed to go to hospital for five stitches to close the wound.

The boy’s family has filed suit against the teacher, who has been suspended after last week’s incident.

It seems like she was the equivalent of an American Substitute teacher. I guess she wasn’t having that.

That reminds me of a sub I had in middle school; Ms. Jones. Ms. Jones was a homely looking slender black woman who as rumor had it was packing a pistol in her purse. Needless to say, nobody got on Ms. Jones’ bad side. She was quick to send you to the office, but that was better than getting capped.

Story: Teacher Don’t Take No Mess

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