>The Secret is out


Everybody is talking about The Secret these days. Oprah’s got it, it’s all over the news, it’s in stores, it’s everywhere. But just what is the secret and does it really work?
The Secret is The Law of Attraction

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According to Wikipedia

The Law of Attraction is a theory that is currently widespread in New Age and New Thought philosophy. It posits to never dwell on the negative, as the metaphysical principle of life is embodied in a “law of attraction”: “you get what you think about; your thoughts determine your destiny.”

Have you tried to employ this in your life and how is it working for you? Do you even believe it?

The Secret: Online

6 thoughts on “>The Secret is out

  1. >I been writing so not on line as much, but the secret really ain't no secret at all. I would say the latest incarnation of this "information" is a great marketing campaign and really sort of shows that as successful as Ms. Oprah is she is still searching for something. If you go back to her earlier metaphysical era you will see the same things repeated but with different people.I saw part of her show and couldn't figure out who the folk were who were "experts" on the subject, but at any rate I used to go to a church that belonged to the Association of Spiritualist Churches well over 15 years ago and it wasn't new then.But any of us steeped in the Black church culture will know that we've always been told (at least I have) that you never pray for what you don't want because that's what you'll attract. Prayers should be positive and specific for what you DO want.When I was home recovering recently, I didn't pray, "Lord I don't want to be sick anymore." No, I asked for a specific blood pressure and heart rate which would indicate I was not only better but thriving. That along with the prayers, well wishes and positive thoughts from my many wonderful friends from around the world got me up and out.There's an old spiritual — there AIN'T NO SECRET what God can do.


  2. >I don't know about the metaphysical thing, but my sister has this…and it pisses me off.Everything isn't always rainbows and flowers. Sometimes its some garden variety bullshit. Its not drama just foolishness. The kind that allows you to be mad. Sometimes I can't stand talking to her about things cause she comes back with something that I only follow up with a raised eyebrow and walk away.


  3. >Sheletha, can we explore this? What does your sister have that makes you mad? Is it that the blessings seemingly flow her way or is it that she uses a certain language that you don't like?


  4. >Its moreso the language…Im not hating on her blessings, because when in overflow the whole family is effected (or affected?)so thats not it.Its just this bright side that she wants to look upon that doesn't exsist with crap. For instance, the whole travel thing with Delta Airlines and Avis that I experienced recently, when I told her about what had happened she was like "well, that is just the nature of the beast when traveling, Sheletha. Don't get all bent out of shape just because of a delay."Nawwww man…that was some bullshit! I pay for a scheduled airline ticket not a flippin suggestion. I fly where I choose a destination not where Delta wants me to land. That day I didn't like anything Delta.Delta AirlinesDelta Sigma ThetaDelta Faucets Delta Burkethat caloric formula we learned in 11th grade chemistry…change in something over change in something…that had to go to!And here she comes with the bright side….whatever, next!Ran outta the room


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