I Can’t Believe This $#%@!!!

For the life of me, I can’t understand how anyone could even bring themselves to expose a child to this. But understand you are also talking to the guy who doesn’t get how other adults in the vicinity can idly stand by when people curse at their young children like they are less than human. I don’t know what they should do to these teenagers for this atrocity I’m about to share, but whatever they decide to do it needs to be severe. They can start with a swift kick in the behind. They definitely know better.

Uncle Teaching 2 & 5-Year-Old Nephews to Smoke Pot

Can somebody please tell me what we should do about this mess that exists within the culture today? It seems like there is just a disconnect that has taken place with aspects of society.


Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

6 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe This $#%@!!!

  1. >These kids today just ain't got no home training. Dumb kids come from dumb parents. As a matter of fact, the parents need to be investigated for even leaving the kids in the custody of those trifling negroes.


  2. >OH MI Goodness look at the balls!!!!Okay…back to the topic.I saw this on cnn over the weekend and was truly disgusted. These kids are going to rot in jail.


  3. >I know I saw this too. What's surprising is, the kids didn't even choke. This act was exposed to the children long before. Did you notice the older child rollin' the joint? I can't roll like that.On the AM news, they mom said that they should not give the teenager a lot of time, he should only get probation. HELLO! The mom is a Pot-Head for selling her kids out like that. So its OK for the kids to get high. Where the hell is "Big Momma" ?


  4. >Wellll, what do we really expect from a nation that applauds a man with several Baby Mamas by putting him on the cover of "respected" magazines (One had the nerve to put him & famous "groupie" BabyMama on the cover of their annual Black Love issue = HUGE smirk & SIGH). There are photos on the internet of his 14 yr. old getting a lap dance. Are we really so surprised that people are teaching their kids to roll joints & get high? The only real surprising thing is the Fools had the nerve to film it…but then again, they were blazed outta their minds. Criminals are making the work of police so much easier these days.The days of Caligula had NOTHING on what's happening now. Should I start building that Ark? Gotta laugh to keep from crying.


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