Flip The Switch.

I was talking to a friend girl of mine yesterday who just started dating this guy. She was having a Q&A with him about his past behavior to try and get an idea what to expect from him. So she asks him whether he has ever cheated on any of his previous girlfriends. Dude manned up and said yeah, a few, but not all. Now here is where it gets interesting. He said that his logic was that as long as he was single that it was all good and that once he got married, he wouldn’t do it anymore.

Is that right? So, brother thinks he can taste a variety of candy and then flip a switch and the desire for those flavors will melt off at the alter. Is it me, or is bruh-man living in wonderland? In my experience, the flavor lingers and it’s not always as easy as one might think to get over. Even if you stay true to the game, I think you struggle with it at some point in time. What do you think? Is my logic anecdotal or is it true to form? Does it vary among the sexes? Are women better at monogamy or is it just the dudes that have a hard time keeping the goods to themselves? Talk to me people. I want to hear your voices.


Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

8 thoughts on “Flip The Switch.

  1. >well, to start of with…he was a dumb ass to answer the question to start with. if you can't change the past, why look back to make him/her change? obviously, there's something there or you would be with that person to start with. build on that.but back to that sista……HE PROBABLY DOESN'T WANT TO BE WITH HER AND THIS WAS A "SIGN" TO LET HER KNOW, THAT HE STILL HAS HIS PLAYA CARD, TUCKED IN HIS WALLET, RIGHT BEHIND THE VISA.when people, male/female, ask meaningless questions like this all it bring is insecurities. case in point, she told you rich, right? so what's her point?as far as monogamy, just have to be honest and truthful in all aspects of the relationship before/after you dun hit the draws and beyond, like joining finances and family responsiblities (kids & baby mamas). that latter shit, especially the finances, is what can kill most good bone sessions in bed. sex is all good, but the mo-fo forgot to pay the cable bill and it's reruns of "martin" again….lol


  2. >I do believe it is easier for women, because most women if not all want to be married and in a stable relationship…now thats not to say that some men, or most men don't…it's just difficult, because I think your sex drive, desires sometimes dictate that playa mentality…yes i know we have some women playa too! But most of us would prefer to be one one.


  3. >that's a fair statement by mizrep, but after you've been through the marriage/divorce thing, the kids are out of the house or in high school and your independent, holding down the house, most women are a little more defensive and agressive, cause they know what they want and not going to put up with the BS to have a man.


  4. >well..i think that men place a value on having sex with more partners as part of our programming at early ages while women are taught to hold out until mr right comes along..with the differences in rearing our young people, it only makes sense that women would be better at monogamous relationshipsI don't quite get how women feel that their bodies are more important than a man's body though…not to stir up controversy…we feel like sharing our body is a gift(especially for those gifted at"puttin it down")Great post brah!!


  5. >That's a fair statement Lance, and for the most part true, but those same sisters STILL, want that man to come along. I don't disagree.Now DC, where do we say that a woman's body is more important than a man's….just asking nicely, so no one thinks i'm coming out the box again (lol). I'm Miz NICETY today!


  6. >c'mon Miz..almost every woman that i ever knew talks like giving it up should be the best present that she could bestow on the lowly man-things…u disagree with that..ask some of your girls?


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