In The Company Of Strangers.

What do you do when you feel out of place? Do you try to fit in, do you just be yourself? What do you do when you are a white candidate running against a black candidate for the top office in the US and you are in Selma, Alabama? I don’t know what you would do, but I don’t think pandering is the way to go. Is it me or is she being insulting with her new found accent?



Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

10 thoughts on “In The Company Of Strangers.

  1. >Rich,I'm with you…the faux accent is a bit much. But I think Hillary is doing whatever she thinks it will take to have the vote of the south. Is it the way to gain votes, by being "fake"? No, but whomever is running her campaign felt it would go either unnoticed or would show that she is "one of them".It's been a while since I've posted anything, but I'm still here, in the cut!


  2. >i didn't see the obama/hillary oratorial showdown, i'm sho' obama won hands down. hillary clinton in selma is like a white person visiting a black family reunion and claming to be family…..and of course, john edwards is like monique, layin' back up in the cut… ;-Pthat's the cat everyone should look out for.


  3. >wasn't offended at all. I actually heard the James Cleveland hymn and she pretty said it the way he did. I thought it would be funnier to see the white lady version of the lyrics. it would be political death but great for every def jam comic. that would have shown more of a disconnection than anything else. I mean they are written the same in da hymnal. sho' is.


  4. >Hey Rich…what's shakin'? 'Sup Lance…Sheletha…Denea…Anonymous and everybody else up in here?Hey Lolita, it's been a minute, but I'm still in it!I see ya'll are holding it down so I sit back, listen and learn.Nuthin' but love for the LoZoners!Monique


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