Receive It.

If you could have one wish granted, what would it be and why? I would like to hear an answer that gives voice to your soul. Something that isn’t absent of depth. Something that you have dared to voice until now.


Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

11 thoughts on “Receive It.

  1. >As a survivor of child abuse I think I morphed into this advocate for children's rights. Recently I was having lunch with one of mentees and we were talking about scary movies when he said, "sometimes I be having nightmares." So, I naturally replied then you need to stop watching them movies. He said, "no, I don't be dreaming about that, I dream about getting shot. That's why I stay in the house so much."As crazy as life in the hood was growing up I never feared for my life. I thought to myself, how unfair for the children of today.So, my wish would be that all children, regardless of their families socio-economic status, race, creed or color would have the opportunity to 1) be children (as those of a certain age knew childhood to be), and 2) be fearless on their road to adulthood.


  2. >Kind of hard to followJuan G's comment…Truthfully, I wish people who have been discriminated against would stop discriminating against others who find themselves in the same postion. As a young black woman, I have experienced discrimination for any combination of the three and I find myself championing the underdog because if it. I'm sick of people claiming exclusivity to oppression. Black, Jewish, female, Hispanic, Muslim, Gay… whatever.So, I guess I'm not looking for world peace, just world-understanding. That we connect with each other for our humanity, not for our insanity.


  3. >I'm almost ashamed to "voice" the blessing I'm praying to receive after reading the first two that are amazingly global.Mine is simply personal. I pray that I am blessed with a loving mate with whom I can bear children while my parents walk this earth and can witness the joy.


  4. >Forgot to state why I want such a blessing as mate & children while my parents live: I feel my parents (& ancestors) deserve to have one of their off-spring bring forth and raise children in the way that our Proud Ancestors taught. At least, I'd like the chance to try while my parents can experience it; then they can move onto the next level with some earthly peace of mind, I pray. But, I guess it's really in the hands of The Creator.


  5. >thank you for the opportunity, Rich!I'd have to say with absolute certainty that I wish that all of my past mistakes and indescretions be used as a tool to help others break the cycle of ignorance while at the same time be forgiven by those that I have wronged along the way!


  6. >Sheletha that IS funny – but I'm here to testify on the RELIEF that just spreads through your veins when u sign that last check! LOL!C'mon Sistah GirlyGirl – u can't leave us hanging like that! if u didn't know before – now u do = I am NOSEY! LOL!


  7. >I would like to have more time with my dad. He got sick in August '96 and in less than three months he was dead. We never knew he had cancer. I know more time knowing would have yielded the same results, but at least we would have known and just maybe I would have moved back to the city sooner and spent more time with him and told him more often that I loved him, admired him and was proud of him for being there for me for the first 28 years of my life.


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