Changing The Game #2.

Since being introduced to blogging about a year ago I have had the honor and priviledge to meet quite a few talented individuals. Recently, I stumbled upon another talent in the persona of one CAPCity. Since, I don’t believe in coincidence, I know my steps were ordered when my path crossed with this sister.


This woman’s level of insight, boldness, and compassion touched me the moment I began reading her online journals. I believe as she continues to move with regard to faith that she will be among the best and brightest writers.

I came across a few of her poetic pieces and with her consent I am reposting two of them.

Before I hit you with those, allow me to give you a little background on Ms. Paige (yeah brothers, she’s single.)
C.A.Paige was born in The Nation’s Capitol, hence the web persona of CAPCity. She taught in DC for eleven years then moved to NYC in August of 2001 to teach and expand her creative network. Paige has always had a passion for reading, and is at work now on strengthening her literary passion by writing about her experiences as a Woman of Color in Independent Schools for 26 years.
She has had her thoughts on teaching published in two works:
1) For the Love of Teaching, Interview Portraits by Ira D. Shull.

2) The Colors of Excellence, edited by Pearl R. Kane & Alfonso J. Orsini.

Today, she will speak on another subject dear to her heart: LOVE…

One of your Boys

I need a girlfriend…..who’s a man.
Prince sang, “If I was your girlfriend…”
And Prince is cool – but I don’t need a star who I can’t reach.
I need a man who’s here
Who trusts me to be “one of his boys”!

Do you trust me?
Enough to tell me where you hanging out at?
Do you trust me?
Enough to know that I’ll be here even when you fuckin’ up?!
Do you trust me?
Enough to be straight up wit me? And stick wit me even when I be fuckin’ up?!
Do you trust me…enough to be……YOU?!

See, I need a girlfriend ….. who’s a man.

© By C.A. Paige 1998


Only a Brother Can

Nobody can reward a strong, patient sistah like her man can.

Only a Brother can…
…walk that proud bounce on his toes strut as if he’s about to leap into the heavens (or is he already walking there?)

Only a Brother can…
…wink & smile that smile only for you that no one else noticed but you suddenly feel as if he gently grazed his fingertips all over you body and you’re tingling & smiling all over yourself as if you were caught in a surprise Spring rain shower and it’s ….
S-uh-oo refreshing.

Only a Brother can…
…enter a room and suddenly transform the décor AND the lighting.

Only a Brother can…
…pluck you from a crowd like a flower simply by locking his beautifully intense eyes onto yours.

Only a Brother can…
…touch you without touching you with his powerful presence.

….breathe his warm chocolate breath down your neck & cause you to melt into a completely relaxed state.

…touch you feather lightly with those wonderfully strong hands from your toes to your nose & deeply into your soul.

….explore your mind, body AND soul ever so carefully and gently as if putting together an intricately fragile puzzle.

…awaken you from a DEEP love-he-induced slumber with strokes so pleasing you smile and murmur, “Good mornin’…it must be mornin’ cuz I feel like singin’ Halleluyah!!”

© by C.A. Paige 1998

CAPCity has count’em, FOUR blog spots. You can check them out at your leisure, they are on various topics, so pick the one that suits you best.

Teaching is Learning
CAPCity to NYCity
Getting Physical
The Intimate Side of CAPCity


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14 thoughts on “Changing The Game #2.

  1. >I knew she was talented from the dialogue on comment posts…im honored to name her amongst one of my new fam members…(giving her a standing ovation)


  2. >Thanks again for the great welcome & out pouring of support! It is an honor to be part of this family.Yea, I was a li'l shook in 2001, but then again weren't we all:-). DC was hit, too. As The Vandellas said, "No where to run to, baby."just excited to be here…


  3. >yeah, i feel ya on 9/11…i watched all the drama from the corner of 5th ave & 23rd st. although it was 3-miles away, those who remembered WTC, they stood so majestic that they seem close to you no matter where you stood in nyc.holla back…LP2HLYWD@AOL.COM


  4. >Thank u, Shai. Sheletha…girl don't even go there! An old college buddy logged in as anon & called me out – now u know one of my aliases. LOL!


  5. >Hey Girl, How are you? I tust that all is well. I read both of your poems and all I keep saying is, WOW!!! Further more when can I get my autographed copies. You are very talented. Let me know if your are performing at any of the poetry slams around the city. If you are not you should be. Peace! Hector


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