The Strength Of The Mack Game.

You know everyone shouldn’t be allowed to have game. That is why the real G’s among us know and live by the mantra, the Game is Sold and Never Told.

It seems the blessed Mack Game has fallen into unskilled hands. The results of which we all saw in the news recently:

Space Community Shocked By Love Struck Astronaut

So this type of stuff doesn’t happen again, let me lay out the Game real proper like.

I know, I know! But let’s forget the mantra just this once, y’all need help, and you messing things up for the real Pimps.

Mack Game Rule # 375 – Never bone a chick you work with. Set it up so that when you leave that gig, you can hit it as much as you like. Keep her laughing and wanting you until that time.

Mack Game Rule #376 – If you break rule # 375, don’t do it with someone on your team, make sure the target is in another department. Preferably a department on the other side of the building. Cause as you know, some booty just has to be tapped.

Mack Game Rule # 415 – All electronic communication should be deleted immediately. Paper trails cause problems, and while this isn’t foolproof, it makes it harder to find later.

Mack Game Rule #416 – Convince your girl to delete immediately as well.

You see, these four rules right here would have saved Old Astronaut boy the embarrasment of being found out to be a liar. But at least he got that part right. When caught, deny everything until they prove you otherwise. (Even Bill knew that, and he was dealing with some of the best lie finders.)

Catch the full story here.


Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

8 thoughts on “The Strength Of The Mack Game.

  1. >rich…you my man and fifty grand, but…i gotta disagree wif you on this one bruh.REAL MACKS & PIMPS DON'T GIVE A SHIT!!!!all that lying, hiding, bobbin' & weavin' from ol' gurl ain't happening. on the fly shit low…a woman can catch her man in the buck on the downstroke with another chick and get pissed, cuss him out and leave, but if she comes back…that's keepin' your PIMP HAND SKRONG!!!! LOL!!!!!


  2. >…ladies iz Pimps Too. No matter the pimp gender-you gotta respect the gangsta. if a guy/girl gets busted by their mate we trip on it, but you gotta give them props for runnin' game.


  3. >i'on kno' 'bout dat cali dee…for a woman to run a pimpilicious game is scandalous. and, unless you're a weak main…can he stand the pain???when a man breaks a woman's heart…y'all can take the pain. been there, done that….but when a woman breaks a man's heart…the world comes to an end.


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