And You Thought You Were Fat.

Man who once weighed 1200 pounds (over 1/2 a freakin’ ton) goes outside for first time in five years! Get this. Dude lost 440 pounds, through diet and excercise, but still had to be crane lifted out of the crib.

Manuel Uribe, who is still unable to walk, said he shed 440 pounds (200 kg) by following “The Zone,” a diet which aims to balance hormones through carbohydrate and protein intake. For exercise, he used harnesses to help him lift weights.

Now I don’t know about you, but if this dude who’s too fat to walk can find a way to get his excercise on, the least I can do is move all the clothes I have hanging on the home gym aside and once again start using it on the regular. And for those of you ready to run out and try “The Zone”, remember he said diet and EXCERCISE; don’t try and take the easy way out.

Obese Mexican outside for first time in five years


Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)