So Much For Security.

This whole airport security thing has been a joke since it began, just another attempt by Republicans to use fear to promote their agenda. They are making traveling a hassel, but were not any safer. At any given time, you can still get what you want onto a plane.

Case in point:

Two baggage handlers carried a bag containing guns and drugs on a commercial flight from Florida to Puerto Rico, but passengers were in no danger, a Transportation Security Administration spokesman said.

Spin that tale on the American public “passengers were in no danger”. The story goes on further to say..

The baggage handlers used their employee uniforms and airport identification cards to enter restricted areas, bypass screeners with the bag and board the commercial Delta flight, according to court documents released Wednesday.

Transportation Security Administration spokesman Christopher White said passengers were in no danger but declined to address the security breach.

Of course they declined. Their whole stop everyone who looks like Bin Laden, take off your shoes, you can’t take that big bottle of shampoo with you, didn’t stop any of those drugs or guns from getting on the plane. And boy did they have guns and drugs.

Inside the duffel bag, authorities found 13 handguns, one assault rifle and eight clear bags containing a total of 8 pounds of marijuana.

What now?
Yahoo News: Full Story – Feds: Men brought drugs, guns on plane


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