Friday Flashback: Whitney.

This artist’s life has been played out in the media since her arrival to the recording studio at the age of 21. I remember her first album like it was yesterday. Her voice was fresh, her lyrics endearing.


It made me want to be in love. Even hearing her again for this post was akin to walking in the room to see an old friend. I miss this voice.

It is no wonder that “Whitney Houston” was No. 1 for 14 weeks and the most commercially successful debut album by a female artist for 13 years.
Through all the trials and tribulations she’s had to endure. I hope she finds her way back to the essence of Whitney Houston.



Check out her rendition of “And I Am Telling You”, Jennifer Holiday/Hudson’s hit…


We Love You, Whitney!


Happy Friday y’all, it’s been a blast this week. I’m exhausted, may God keep you till we meet in cyberspace again.


Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

4 thoughts on “Friday Flashback: Whitney.

  1. >Whitney had a powerful voice. Although she's been through some things, if she's truly learned her lessons and if it's God's will, Whitney can comeback with a bang. I look forward to her new CD. I'm about to go pull out her first one now.


  2. >Have been a Whitney fan since BEFORE she was a singer – remember when she was simply a teen model? I used to collect images of Black models when i was li'l girl. Thanks for this reminder that down under the media hype there's a real gem in our Whitney! Much love to her as she finds her way back to that!


  3. >Good LUCK! Its a long hard way back up when you fall from the top. Her voice was absoultely amazing and touched many hearts. I'll support her and not get the bootleg CD..unless someone steals my original.Thanks for the video, dude! I'll enjoy it at work a lil longer!


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