Is it Worth It?

Sometimes in life we find ourselves at a crossroads;
a place of decision, a place of testing, a place in which
we do not know which way to turn. When we come to that place,
what do we do? Do we toss a coin? Do we rely on others for the answer?


Do we do nothing and just fall out in the middle of the road?
The answer of course is none of the above.
When we find ourselves at that place, that is the time to draw
within and seek that small still voice for the answer. In that voice
we will find direction based on purpose.
I’m sure you’ve heard the term “follow the money”,
well in times of decision that term may not always apply.
Following the money, may end up leading you
down the road that is ultimately a dead end. Then there are some who
might decide to take the road which looks easiest to navigate;
the path of least resistance. While that road is smoother to travel, it may
just end up being the scenic route and take you quite some time to get to where
you want to go.

The road to take, is the one that leads you directly to your purpose.
In order to recognize this road in your minds eye, you will need to take
an honest look at yourself and determine just exactly who you are.
That’s the hard part.

Lets be real, sometimes we like to lie to ourselves. We try and convince
ourselves that we are who our parents want us to be
or who our spouses desire for us to be. At times we even try to
be the person who we think everyone will like. In reality, who we
are can only be defined by our Creator. Once we tap into that force,
then and only then will we know who we are. It is in that moment; the moment
that we decide based on purpose and true passion
that the choice becomes easy.

Just a word of warning. Once you are on the right road, expect a few curves,
even a possible flat tire. But there is one thing you can be sure of.
This road will lead you to your expected end. When you arrive, even if you are
tired and worn out you will know that without a doubt, it was worth it.


Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

3 thoughts on “Is it Worth It?

  1. >Rich,Excellent post! Yes, i have to agree with DC on this…i have been at that crossroads for a while now, looking at what everyone else was doing, their achievements, wondering if i could do the same…but now that i've made my choice, everything is falling in place…i really felt this piece. I think i will print it out and hang it up at my desk!


  2. >I concur w/ DC & Miz = couldn't have been timed better! But, I'm learning when I let go the "wheel" & let God "drive" all flows well! Sometimes we're even taken down UNexpected roads (I NEVER thought I'd live in this crazy NYC – but here I am:-)!Love the chosen photo, too!


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