How Much Do You Love Your Pets?

Man saves his drowning dog by performing CPR

When I read the attached article, all I could say was wow. I’m a dog lover, always have been since I was a kid, but I’m just not sure if I would:

ONE – think to do CPR and…

TWO – if I thought about it, would I actually go through with it.

I don’t even like dogs licking on me in the face, so I’m sorry to say, I would probably mourn the loss and head to the pet store once I got over it.


Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

2 thoughts on “How Much Do You Love Your Pets?

  1. >now that i know how to do it, i would if it was my dog…it's not like mouth-to-mouth…like mouth-to-nose, blowing air through dog's nasal cavity…seems simple enough. how many of y'all know how to perform CPR on humans?betta learn, never know if you may have to use it.


  2. >At the risk of incriminating myself, I'm not going to comment too specifically. I will say, however, that my dogs take steps to "save" me all the time. Whenever I'm ill with the flu and suffer from chills, they line their bodies next to mine to try to keep me warm (the first time that happened, I was shocked; when it happened again, I realized they were seriously trying to nurse me to wellness; now it's just what they do if I come down with the flu). If something is troubling me, the dogs gather around me, offer their toys, wag their tails, nuzzle my neck, and try to cajole me to good cheer with wide-mouthed grins (seriously)—all in an effort to make things better. I've long come to realize we don't give animals nearly enough credit for their levels of intelligence, loyalty, and sense of family. They're God's creations, and it's no accident they do what they do, in general and for us.I'll exit this post with this last suggestion: Greenies. My dogs love 'em. So if the situation ever comes up, well…


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