Captive Audience.

The new debate: Is phone sex, really having sex with someone.

That’s the question The Sacramento Sherriff’s Department is trying to determine in lieu of finding out that two of their female deputies have engaged in phone sex with some of the inmates.

The conversations were discovered by another jail employee who was listening to recorded inmate phone calls as part of a separate investigation, said Capt. Scott Jones, the jail commander.

Each deputy took part in more than 10 phone calls with the inmates over several weeks earlier this year, he said.

State law prohibits law enforcement officers from engaging in sexual activity with inmates. Investigators have said there was no evidence either of the deputies engaged in any physical sexual contact with inmates.

To make this an even more interesting story, both of the female duputies were married to other deputies on the force.

Yahoo News: Jail Deputies Accused of Phone Sex


Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

9 thoughts on “Captive Audience.

  1. >Ok, I am not into phone sex. To me it is foreplay that never plays out. If you get me started, you better finish soon. PS is tease, especially if you aint getting it regular. LOL.As for the deputies, they just adding to the perks of inmates in jail. They have Net access, TV, cable, 3 square meals, can dress fly at times, and so on.


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