Just So You Know…

This is and will continue to be one of the livest spots on the Net. It got a little heated during one of the posts this week and some of the regular non-posting viewers felt compelled to come out of the background and express their views. I have absolutely no problem with that, because it is my desire as well as our hostess, Ms. Lolita Files, that no one who comes to experience The Lo Zone will walk away from their time here feeling unwelcomed. If anyone has, you have our most sincere apologies.

This experience also reminded me that not everyone likes to play rough. In thinking about this some more last night, I recalled watching my five year old son in his blind pursuit of fun on various visits to the playground occasionally bump into another child and knock them over. Sometimes that kid would cry and sometimes they would hardly notice, but rarely would they let it interfere with them having fun. That is the end that I would hope we would have here.

We cover a range of topics here and some of us are very passionate about our views while others are just here to wind down and not be so serious. Either way, I hope that everyone will be considerate of others feelings as we continue to interact. Thereby encouraging others to come aboard for the fun.

With that said. I thought I’d share yet another view of how I feel about all of you. The seen and unseen regulars and visitors of The Lo Zone.

Grab the person’s cyber hand next to yours.

All together now.

Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

12 thoughts on “Just So You Know…

  1. >That is nice Rich… and in keeping with the spirit of things as we hold hands and sing I ask, "Would you be mine, could you be mine, oh won't you be my neighbor?" And no, that isn't sarcasm. I'm feeling friendly. So smile y'all 🙂


  2. >Rich, thanks for the memories. In looking at the video it was surprising how many of these artists are no longer on the scene or have changed (in looks) drastically. A few look better today than then (L. Richie for one) and of course some are no longer with us — I miss Ray Charles.Have a great weekend!


  3. >well done, Rich…I know it sounds funny…but um…I was just singing this song a couple of days ago.Though I came to see the topic of the day get kinda out of control with the comments…I'm glad that you saw fit to moderate and bring about a sense of peace amongst the readers..I applaud your efforts and as a new reader/blogger, I am glad that this is on my daily list of visited sites.For those of you that are readers and don't comment…I simply ask of you to remember that online conversations may be therapy for everyone…I visit several blogs daily to make my rounds and show support to several bloggers…and though I enjoy a controversial debatable topic over a nice one anyday…never ever let anyone from cyberspace affect your day enough for you to take it personal. This is afterall entertainment…mixed with comedy and sound intellectual discussions from a myriad of perspectives..Let's all enjoy each other and continue on the voyage of reaching new heights in literary interests and personal developments.Take care all..and have fun on the posts!!


  4. >uh, after that 'monologue'of lance's …i just wanna say – HAPPY Friday. We've got snow here in The Apple:-)…What do u have this "Mad" March Friday?Hugz2all!


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