>U need a man…..


Mr. Sensitivity himself, Ralph Tresvant, of New Edition Fame has a new album. If the current single is any indication of how nice the album is, I would encourage fans and those new to Ralph to run out and get a copy.

I’ve always had a thing for New Edition’s music, in fact, I wanted to be a member. Can you imagine, if I grew up in Boston, you all might be saying “Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike and RICH!” I don’t sound much like Ralph, but I think I could take Ricky Bell. As Choir Boy (Tico Wells) from The Five Heartbeats said, “I know all his parts.”

Check out his New Album Release Video

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

Here’s that new single, My Homegirl

[click “play” (the arrow button) to watch]

9 thoughts on “>U need a man…..

  1. >I never was a big fan (guess I am a lil too old) but the song was tight. I have one question though: How come my barber don't get creative with my facial hair?


  2. >dude….hahahaha..i also sang mr telephone man…I guess im more prone to Bobby… the original crew was revolutionary and has only been challenged seriously with the Boys II Men assemblage…If I don't buy it…I'll certainly get a bootleg copy..LOLThanks for the tip! Smile


  3. >I loved-ed me some New Edition back in the day. It was my first concert that I ever attended. (The first one I wanted to attend was Prince, but I was only 7 at the time and my mommah said no, but my sister got to go!—bitter memory)I think I like this song, not sure yet. Ralph & Bobby were always my favorite anyway!NO YOU DIDN'T SAY THE WHITE SATIN JACKET!!!!LOL


  4. >good point d.c on NEW EDITION…..but i had to check the SOUL MUSIC BIBLE to see how we've evolved musically. 'round about 1980A.J. (AFTER the JACKSONS)….lets see, it was NEW EDITION first, then they begot BELL, BIV & DEVOE (more like lil' iggnant rugrats), but BIV help bring BOYS II MEN on the scene around 'bout the same time TONY, TONI, TONE & GUY began to rock the mike. B2M held the crown, til dem NIGGAS (i'm being affectionate here) JODECI stepped on the scene. they all but killed B2M groove as B2M had gotten all fat, performing on a stage, harmonizing while sitting in chairs. meanwhile, JODECI was setting the mike on fire, wif their pants hangin' off their asses and holdin' their dicks. okay, ladies which would YOU wanna see?…JODECI didn't inherit the crown, they snatched it! ran with it for a few years til DRU HILL stepped on the scene with the smoothess of B2M and the rawness of JODECI….and like most, if not all groups, $$$$ got into their heads and DRU HILL broke up with SISQO going solo for a minute, crashing and burning on the way down.right now, the only group that appeals to me is JAGGED EDGE, but they are a long ways away from how it USED to be in the 80's & 90's


  5. >Sheletha, yes I said the white satin jacket… Mi familia had an inside connect *wink* so all my cousins and I had the jackets with red and white bands at the cuffs, red snaps, and New Edition across the chest. Rode to the concerts in limos and went back stage. Had a blast…


  6. >Have always had a thing for skinny li'l Ralph:-)@Lance – Loved B2M – classy…loved Jodeci's sound -but they were always too ugly for me to bear looking at! 😦 blech! also loved Dru Hill's sound – but then they just ended up SCREAMING too dayum much – why must GREAT singers SKRREETCH & SCREAM so much? (((holding ears)))) …now let me check out the new video of my former 'baby daddy';-)


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