Federal Memorabilia.

All you Star Wars fans out there, R2D2 may be coming to a city near you.

Full Story:

Thirty years ago, in theaters near and far, far away, a movie opened the imaginations of millions, combining the magics of mythology and special effects to launch the “Star Wars” phenomenon.

A star of those films — the brave little robot R2-D2 — is about to take a turn collecting mail as the Postal Service and Lucasfilm Ltd. commemorate that movie launch.

The post office is wrapping mail collection boxes in some 200 cities nationwide in a special covering to look like R2-D2.

It’s part of a promotion for a new stamp to be announced March 28, Anita T. Bizzotto, the post office’s chief marketing officer, said.

“It’s a little teaser for the upcoming announcement and we decided to have a little fun with it,” she said.

About 400 mailboxes will be covered to look like the stout droid. “When you look at a mailbox, the resemblance to R2-D2 is too good to pass up,” Bizzotto said.

While postal officials would like people to look for these mailboxes and maybe even drop in a letter, Bizzotto urged people not to tamper with them, noting that’s a crime.

I can’t believe I’ve never watched this film. I guess I can take this occasion to view it with my kids.

Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

5 thoughts on “Federal Memorabilia.

  1. >umm..really…isn't there something more constructive they can use this FEDERALLY FUNDED project for? Do we not have healthcare issues? Do we not have homelessness concerns? Are we currently engaged in a war? the only way that I see this as a means to help anyone would be if it created more jobs. other than that…its whack!


  2. >DC, the postal service is only partically "Federally Funded" but fortunately they're only doing it to 400 mailboxes. Apparently they think people who collect postage stamps will buy enough stamps that they won't use to offset the cost of this little exercise. I would love to see how many of the boxes end up being stolen.Rich, I saw this movie many years after it came out in preparation for the 3rd movie in the original trilogy. I am not much into this type of film but thoroughly enjoyed it. This, like Rocky Horror Picture Show, has sort of a cult following. I've seen people who could say every line along with the characters.On a different note I saw Chris Rock's movie this weekend and it really wasn't bad. There is some music from the movie that caught my attention so I'll have to go back to see if I can catch a lyric and do a search.


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