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Best Selling Author Terry McMillan says forget her “groove,” she wants some of her loot back.
Terry McMillan is suing her former husband for $40 million, alleging that he tried to smear her reputation during their highly publicized 2005 divorce.
Terry seems to believe that old boy purposely married her to get US citizenship then went forward with a scheme to taint her image in order to extort money from her.
I can’t speak to the validity of her accusations, but what I will say is this: It’s really unfortunate the lengths that people go to in order to weave their way into the life of another, knowing full well that they mean them no good.
I hope that Terry eventually bounces back and makes peace surrounding this unfortunate event in her life. It appears to be quite consuming, but love can have that effect. It feels delightful when it’s good, but it’s a bitch when it’s bad.

Full Story: McMillan sues ex-husband for $40 million.

Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

12 thoughts on “>This Just In!

  1. >I thought this ended amicably (did i spell that right?) during the divorce proceedings. I think I heard it on tom joyner morning show late last fall. Anyway, this is terrible for her, i know. He really don't know who he is foolin with, does he???


  2. >Sheletha, I too thought this was dead in the water, but apparently there's some stuff going on behind the scenes that's caused Ms. McMillan to sue after all of this time. This just validates my reason for getting a prenupt more and more.


  3. >man, yall need to go over to the smoking gun…they have transcripts of messages that were left on johnathan's voice mail. they are kinda hilarious. this dude wore lip gloss…c'mon nah! (said like the bammas of NC)


  4. >I knew when I first saw him in their first TV interview he was gay. I was like she got her groove back is blind as hell.I say to Terry get over it! Let it go. I think she had her own self look bad when she was on Oprah and just running around tripping and dogging him.I get that she is hurt and also wants revenge. Actually, I think she still wants him. Anyway, she needs to work on herself and why she got into a relationship with him.JMHO


  5. >yeah, she got played and played herself big time. Its time to chill out and relax and write a book.I know!!! Lets get ourselves together, be a best selling author, write another outstanding book, go on tour, make some millions (instead of tyring to gank em from someone that doesn't have it)THAT'LL GET HIM!


  6. >well…well…well…see terry, all dem peeples that told you he wasn't 'bout shit from the jump was right and you be wrong…who you callin' bamma sheletha? (;-P


  7. >i agree with everyone who said, how in da HALE could Terry not see that one coming a mile away? maybe she's a lesbian who likes her woman with a penis. LOL! i don't know – but i'll take your advice sheletha – working on my books now! then i'll show y'all how to handle million$ & see fakery coming!! 😉


  8. >i've known problems w/o big money…i want to know what pearl bailey expressed w/ "i've been rich & i've been poor. rich is better." mo money = different problems;-).& regarding terry m. – i just add her to my long prayer list:-)


  9. >The first time I saw Jonathan I asked, "who is that woman?" So I am finding it hard to believe that Terry (or at least some of her friends) didn't peep that ace in the hole (no pun intended) from jump street.Other than making herself look stupid on national television I can't see where she was "tarnished"I am late today — internet at work had the nerve to be down. Ain't that some shit.


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