>To Serve And Protect.


When it comes to men, they say, “only a punk beats up on a girl”.

In the city of Chicago, one of those punks happens to wear a badge. I know the guy I’m referring to was drunk, but there is no way that he should be allowed to keep his job. He’s a disgrace to the uniform that has been trusted to those desiring to serve and protect.

An off-duty police officer in street clothes was caught on video by a bar surveillance camera beating up a female bartender half his size, authorities said.

Anthony Abbate, a 12-year veteran of the Chicago force, was charged with aggravated battery and placed on leave pending an internal investigation in the attack Feb. 19 as several bystanders watched, department spokeswoman Monique Bond said Wednesday. She said Abbate is expected to be fired.

The video from Jessie’s Short Stop Inn Tavern, shown on television around the nation, shows the 250-pound Abbate shouting at the 115-pound bartender, then walking behind the bar and punching, kicking and throwing her to the ground.

(please be forewarned that some of this footage is sensitive)

I guess this is what ultimately happens when police brutality is defended and tolerated.
Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

4 thoughts on “>To Serve And Protect.

  1. >Your words were enough for me to get a visual…I didn't even look at the video that was linked. Being drunk is no excuse. He is the way he is and shouldn't have a badge.


  2. >yeah, that was fugg'd up, but where he's going…a COP, beating up a WOMAN and a bartender at that…he's not going to get any love in prison, just daily ass whuppin' from the inmates.more than likely, they'll keep him in P.C. (punk city)…solitary from the inmates.i couldn't open the video either, try to cut and paste this link and see what happens.http://youtube.com/watch?v=jvi4L21-kHo


  3. >Drunk is DEFINITELY NO excuse! Liquor is simply a cheap truth serum! He had that IN him – bastahd! He should have to serve time in a women's prison!


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