(I’ll Bet It Actually) Tastes Like Chicken.

I figured that, in honor of my return to the wonderful world of blogging (thanks for the excellent job you’ve been doing, Rich!!!), I’d post something that many of you know is really close to my heart

No, not that!!! I’m talking about…

…fried foods (particularly chicken). I think I might have just come across a brand new recipe:

A Brazilian housewife was convicted and sentenced to 19 years in prison Friday for killing her husband, chopping his body into small pieces and frying it. Rosanita Nery dos Santos, 52, drugged her husband in his sleep, then stabbed him to death two years ago in Salvador, about 900 miles northeast of Sao Paulo, said police spokesman Idmar Bonfim.

She then hacked Jose Raimundo Soares dos Santos’ body into more than 100 pieces, which she boiled and fried before hiding in plastic bags beneath a staircase in her house, Bonfim said. He said police discovered the body parts after receiving an anonymous phone call.

Bonfim said the killing was either part of a black magic ritual or an attempt by the wife to collect life insurance worth about $34,000.

Citing testimony from the woman’s relatives, he said she may also have committed the crime “to avenge many years of humiliation from her husband.” He did not provide further details.

Santos denied killing her husband but said she chopped up his body, Bonfim said.

She claims masked assailants entered her house, killed her husband and then forced her to cut up the body and fry it because that would prevent the stench of a decomposing body from alerting neighbors,” he said.

What I don’t get is why she didn’t just complete the process by flouring him and serving him up with some nice hot sides, a tossed salad, and some fresh bread. She could have invited his boys over (or whomever it was he liked to humiliate her in front of), and had a celebratory feast—all you can eat. I’ll bet it would have been delish.

I, for one, love a good Brazilian spread, washed down with a couple/three caipirinhas

…(as Juan G. can attest).

Apparently, old girl wasn’t up on her Greek mythology. They were notorious for serving up cooked relatives to unsuspecting guests. She could learn a thing or two from the way they did it.

Plus, there wouldn’t have been any evidence.

AOL News: Housewife Convicted of Frying Husband

P.S. It’s good to be back. I missed y’all. Did you guys get in any trouble while I was away????

15 thoughts on “(I’ll Bet It Actually) Tastes Like Chicken.

  1. >WELCOME BACK, LO. Rich did an excellent job but it's great to have you back.In terms of did we get in trouble while you were gone I plead the fifth — a fifth of cachaca that is.Missed you.


  2. >Being true to who I am, I going to tell it all….Yup…we got in a whole lotta trouble. I was scared for a minute, I thought about whoopins and stuff…Rich did a wonderful job at keeping me away from doing what Im supposed to be doing on the plantation. Yet, Im still on the top of the white board every week. HMMM, what is everybody else doing??? While you were gone, at least I noticed a whole bunch of the fam doing some blogging on their own! People have been all over the place.Im not going to tell about all the stuff Lance did, Im just glad to see that you're back.How was the journey???


  3. >Hey Lolita,I was wondering when I would get to see your posts here. To be truthful, I found it unusual to see your face and Rich's posts. LOL.


  4. >Juan, Sheletha, Shai, Denea…thank you for making me feel so welcomed!!!Wow, Sheletha…everyone's blogging now, huh? That is FANTASTIC. That's how it should be. The goal is to get people writing and stimulating dialogue and communing with each other, so that is definitely a good thing. So Lance did some things while I was away, did he????:::glancing at Lance, arms folded, tapping my foot, semi-smirking:::Shai, Rich is the man behind the curtain. Didn't you know? I may play the wizard, but he's the man that's standing on the chair, working the pulleys and levers and stuff. You should see how he makes those flying monkeys…I missed you, too, Denea!!! I missed all of you!!!Juan G…I'll happily plead that fifth of cachaca with you, dahling!!!


  5. >i ain't dun nuffin' wrong lo…just got:black folks mad at me…white folks mad at me…anonymous peeps mad at me…women mad at me…rich gon preacher on me…sheletha keep slappin' me upside the head, then run outta the room.bush mad at me…just stirrin' up shit from blog to blog…sanaa lathan mad at me…(hmmm, i wonder why?)… (;-Pa lot more people have come out and join'd the party…it's all about ~~~ THE LO ZONE EXPERIENCE ~~~*** y'all come and get some and quit bitchin'!!!! ***….lol


  6. >"Apparently, old girl wasn't up on her Greek mythology. They were notorious for serving up cooked relatives to unsuspecting guests."…yeah and she didn't watch "fried green tomatoes" either.


  7. >Lance, my favorite line from that movie is when Cicley Tyson says, "Secret's in the sauce" as she walks around in that mans shoes.Hey, girly-girl I was about to ask about you.


  8. >Welcome back. You were missed. I was thinking about frying some chicken tomorrow, but uh, I think I'll pass now :)P.S. – Rich held it down while you were away…great job Rich.


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