>March On, Baby!!!

>I must admit, I’m all caught up in March Madness, and, once again, this 6’11 puff-ponytailed super-talent continues to be a force to be reckoned with.

Joakim Noah, son of French former tennis pro, Yannick Noah

…is a rock star in his own right, and, for the second year running, has lead my alma mater, the number-one seeded University of Florida, to the Final Four, and what I believe will ultimately be a consecutive national championship in basketball. (I won’t even bring up how we also won the national championship in football this past January…

…as that would be in highly poor—and gloating—taste…

…which is certainly not my style.)

Noah could have arguably gone pro after last year’s national victory, but he seems to be doing everything right. This kid has made college basketball totally exciting for me again.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what he’s going to bring to the game once he does go pro. AFTER, of course…

…the Gators win the NCAA championship in men’s basketball this year!!!

[click above image for added thrill!!!]

NCAASports.com: Final Four field set
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10 thoughts on “>March On, Baby!!!

  1. >U had to go there…now I gots ta cut ya..I won't take anything away from the University of "yeah whoever ya'll are" I am a Buckeye..through and through..The Ohio State University, son!We shall see how it ends up..with this final four..I still go with my team…GO BUCKS!!!


  2. >That's right, DC, I went there. Uh-huh…shole did…went there TWICE, and will probably go there AGAIN.Oh yeah, how'd you like that music I slipped in? You know you were doing the Gator "Jaws" chomp when you heard it!!!


  3. >see, i had hopes of talkin' shit about UNC kickin' all y'all asses, but as we kno'…we're watching the game on t.v. like eurbody else. what a damn shame!


  4. >You know what? I have been hearing lots of nice things about you from your friends and my friend…but to insinuate that I did the "gator flop" is just outlandish…I'm flabbergasted! No thank you!@Lance…sorry brah…u really missed out! Go BUCKS!!!


  5. >Quit playin', DC. You know you did the "gator flop."And I am as nice and wonderful and magnificent (yada, yada, yada) as everyone keeps telling you……and don't you forget it!!! ;-)(j/k…sorta…)


  6. >(cough..cough)..oh yeah!! I'll bet you are just as wonderful..hold on a moment..(couhg) as they say you are!I showed you some love in post today!Just for you and Rich especially…with a tight a$$ youtube video to go along with it..I hope you enjoy my homage to you LO… 😉


  7. >I still don't like this post! Thought I would just drop by again to say that, LO!hey..i met a fan of yours and she's from Ohio…needless to say I dropped the bomb that you ripped on the Buckeyes. She was disappointed in one of her favorite authors…smile (true story)Be careful of your fans' teams!!!LOL


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