You Shole Is Ugly.

…but in a Mick Jagger’s-so-ugly…

…he’s-sorta-cute kinda way.*

Yup. That’s a pretty fugly bird. Guess there’s a reason it’s rarely seen. From the looks of its eyes, I’d say it’s been spending a helluva lotta time in Jamaica.**

I’m just sayin’.

*There’s actually a phrase for being so ugly you’re pretty, and leave it to the French to have come up with it. It’s called jolie laide. Which is what this owl and Mick Jagger are. I think they’re both adorable in their own way.

Is that a joint in its beak in that second pic? Alright, alright, so I ‘shopped that joint into the pic. LOL. Why not? Get blunted, fugly owl. May as well make those red eyes worthwhile.

Wildlife Extra: Long-whiskered Owlet seen in the wild for the first time

8 thoughts on “You Shole Is Ugly.

  1. >See there, Lance? Now why you gotta go and challenge my photoshopping skills? It's a SPLIFF. I couldn't figure out how to make smoke come out of it, so yeah sure, it kinda looks like a condom, but I figured with my comment about the owl hiding in Jamaica, it might be self-evident….always wanna be startin' something…LOL.


  2. > bad lome dun kno', put on one of those red, black, green and yellow beanies on his head and have him holding a red stripe beer. tru rasta burd! PASS DA GANJA MON, SEEN!!!!!


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