Just When I Thought It Was Safe To Bring Along Some Coloured (sic) Friends…

…I find that some of the newer television shows I really like still only allow one black at a time.*

Even with the huge success of the black-helmed, black-packed, multi-culti fave that is Grey’s Anatomy

…that show is still more the exception than the rule.


There’s only one on Six Degrees


…and one on Men In Trees

And there’s none on my favorite new show, The Black Donnellys

…but they’re an Irish mob in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, so yeah…that’s understandable. Besides, The Black Donnellys get a pass for having the word “black” in the title. (And I’ve got Irish blood, so I’ll cut them some slack there, too, because I am getting some representation.)

Not saying that we’ve gotta be present in clumps on every tv show, but it does seem a bit odd when there’s only one of us in a particular setting. The black person ends up looking shoehorned in, just for PC’s sake. It’s far less suspect if there’s none of us at all.

*This topic oughta get our “resident racist” all fired up!!! Sic ’em, dude!!! 😉

ABC.com: What About Brian
ABC.com: Six Degrees
NBC.com: The Black Donnellys
ABC.com: Men In Trees
ABC.com: Grey’s Anatomy

21 thoughts on “Just When I Thought It Was Safe To Bring Along Some Coloured (sic) Friends…

  1. >What's amazing is how the one Black person doesn't even have any Black friends who call them on the phone. I think on six degrees the brother had a date once while I was flipping through. On Men in Trees John Amos's character has a son who ain't got no melanin in his system anywhere.My friend, Brian Keith Jackson, calls it "Black Boy Blending." Where you have this one brother peeping from the in a sea of white.I agree, none is better than the PC one but at the same time I would want to take the few opportunities folk get to be working on tv.


  2. >Two words come to mind that my momma used to use around the house: Token Black! Just enough of a brown face to attempt to attract the viewers with the real driving force in fashion, music, arts, sports and entertainment as a whole.A smart move, just poorly developed and executed! Nuff said!


  3. >remember the good ol early days of fox-tv?…negroes were dancing in the aisle like in church, seeing us dominate the tv screen & doing the damn thing! we had "living single" with queen latfiah and 'nem. not just one big mouf black woman but FO!…"in living color"…sheeeeet, a whole damn family raising comedic hell on t.v, but the white boy took the cake, jim carrey…."martin", young, black and foolish…and of course, malik and mike d, "ny undercover"…the only time you'll see a black person killing a white person (and getting away with it) when the brother is a cop.fox puts these shows on, initially, to attract viewers for advertising rates, $$$$ and shit like that. you KNOW how we do, we're probably the largest viewing audience in the country when it comes to our shows we'll jam up the nielsen ratings and made fox serious money, but once they got the advertisers eyes, ears and market share, they began chunk away black shows like watermelon rinds. fox played their cards and got what they want. meanwhile, we took anudda ass whuppin' and head back to the shed…head hung down and pissed.the reality in america is that hollywood power broker, as well as the media, advertisers, etc, are looking at the amount of people they're targeting and how much they can get from them. "supposedly" there are about 200 million crackers in amerikkka vs oh, let's say 20 million blacks. if you have to invest in one television show and you need advertisers to pay the cost and show HUGE profits from that, who would you invest in, the 200 million or the 20 million?just my opinion, but this is why you have token blacks and such on t.v., hollywood really doesn't give a fuck about the societal "view", it's all about the paper.and another thing, FUCK FOX for this "24" BULLSHIT….we've never HAD a BLACK PRESIDENT in real life and their fittin' to kill TWO, on the same show?!!!!FUCKAS!!!!!(kfcqpo)<=== see, there go the feds again, wif there "niggaboo" games. read between the lines kfcqpo = kentucky fried chicken "coupon"


  4. >the only reason he AIN'T dead yet, 'cause black folks across the country are mad as hell and ain't gonna take this shit no mo'….email, phone calls, morse code, anyway you can a message to fox was done on the "down low" and fox figured…"wellll, we may not wanna kill him off yet, but OOOOOOH, look at how many negroes are watching us? think we can sell some ad space to KFC again?"


  5. >they really f*cked up when they killed Palmer I off the show, he was a better actor than the pretty bald head guy that is the president now. He look like hes going to pee on himself any moment. He got heart though, kinda like the lil pup on Cortney's blog.dang, lanceman calm down. The revolution will not be televised.


  6. >lol at Sheletha and Lance…yeah i was getting pretty upset when they bombed Black Prez#2, especially after they gave my brother on Prison Break a noose to hang himself…what kind of ish is that? They better had brought that brother out of a coma, and just for numbers sake, there are 3 black characters on "24"! I love Greys too!


  7. >kfcqpo = kentucky fried chicken "coupon"Lance, you is a damn fool! ROFL! I would have never picked up kfc coupon from that, but now that you mention it, I totally see it!And Sheletha, I don't know…I think the revolution not only WILL be televised, I think it's being televised right now. If you pay real close attention to what's going on in television and film, you'll see it. We're making mad progress on some fronts (Oscars a-plenty, black showrunners with #1 rated network shows), and skidding back on others (shows/films with the token black or no blacks at all). The devil's in the details.Again, I don't think we have to be in everything, but sometimes the way we show up is realllllllll suspect and unbalanced.Mizrepresent, that noose situation on Prison Break (during Black History Month, no less!!!) made my jaw drop.Stuff like that always brings to mind the sign that was near the train tracks for many years in the tiny rural town in Mississippi where my parents were from. It said:"Niggas, read and run. If you can't read, run anyhow."


  8. >"If you pay real close attention to what's going on in television and film, you'll see it." – Lovery, very true. but i think what's really going to happen to produce a serious predominately BLACK cast or one MAJOR black star will be someone like DENZEL or SAM or MORGAN who are very well rounded and are "colorblind" to white folks. well, us, you kno' who we're rootin' for. it was the same for BILL COSBY. mr. cosby is so universal he can have a jello festival in philly and white folks from rhode island to russia will come. THAT'S how much cos is loved. but it's that kinda love that's going to get a major black star to get those shows picked up on prime time. if you put "D" (that's denzel for you, wh….nevermind), in a t.v. drama the masses will come. just need to pay him his value and no half-steppin'.


  9. >Lance,Your assignment for the day is to warmly greet three unsuspecting white folks, and MEAN it, regardless of whether they respond in kind.(Just make sure it's done in an appropriate setting with lots of witnesses so it won't be perceived as an unsolicited attack by an aggressive, bald, dangerous black male…)


  10. >okay ma,WAIT!!!! there's one. it's GENE, the postman!!!LANCE: "hi gene. beautiful day today!!!! the first day of the year to reach 70!GENE: yeah, yeah. my feet hurt.heyyyy, there's JOHN, my neighbor!!!! (he's white too, kinda old, but cool)LANCE: heyyyy john, pretty day, huh?JOHN: fuckin' mexicans. they keep cutting the neighbors' grass and blowing their trash in MY YARD!!!!LANCE: oooooooh.okay, on more to go…maybe i'll have better luck at work, but more than likely…i won't ;-P


  11. >why did you ignore old dude after he told you your feet hurt??? Lance was thinking: "Kunte/Tobe foot was cut off, you don't see him complainin..shut it":XRunning out of the room


  12. >Who needs to watch TV (with or without HNICs, KFCs, or whatever acronyms lance was givin':-) – there's SO much more entertainment here in BlogLand! Wow – I take a minute "off" & all hale breaks loose! I didn't know Lo was a controversial as DC. LOL! Nice to meet ya, sis!


  13. >I must confess, CapCity…I can be a bit of a pot-stirrer.You know, just to keep the dialogue flowing. ;-)Nice to meet you, too!!!


  14. >see now…why Capcity gotta be bringin my name up all up in here like im controversial..in here, im just an innocent bystander…tisk tisk tisk!ya'll wonder why i flip da script and get all wildin out!!


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