>Update: Amy Winehouse.

>I kept wondering why there were no comments on the this morning’s post about Amy Winehouse

…although I did receive several e-mails from you in response, pointing out your favorite Amy Winehouse tunes.

Now I see why there were no posts. My dear friend Willie D...

…just informed me that he wanted to leave a comment but THE COMMENT LINK WAS MISSING. DOH!!! I’ve just done a republish of the blog and it’s still not showing up, so maybe it’s a Blogger issue (shocker…not!!!). Anyway, maybe you’ll be able to leave comments at this new post.

In the meantime, I figured I’d put up the video of what many of you mentioned is one of your favorites. It’s a song from her 2003 debut cd, Frank

…called “Fuck Me Pumps.” Umm-hmm. Enjoy!!!

*Yaaaaaaaaay!!! The COMMENTS link shows up!!!

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6 thoughts on “>Update: Amy Winehouse.

  1. >Lo, I have heard her name recently. I have not heard her music. Here at work, I can watch Youtube, so when I get home I will view the video.


  2. >I have a digital download of her CD. I haven't listened to it yet. I'm suppposed to be doing a review on it so I plan on listening to it later this week.


  3. >Yea! F*ck Me Pumps! That song cracks me up… Whenever I hit the club I think of it. Makes me laugh at a whooooooole lotta chix!They say I need to go to REHAB. I tell 'em NO NO NO! Amy is a great mess. I love her to death…


  4. >climbing from under the rock now….this is the first time i've ever heard of amy winehouse. just like corinne bailey rae, lo you've introduced us to another gem. interesting, i heard the soulfulness of a lauryn or nina simone in "rehab" and "some unholy war", but i didn't get that vibe in "f me pumps", though it's a funny song. i love that 60's look. the one thing about the british artist creativity is that they're not scared to go back to their roots get it right, the first time.


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