Really Good Or Really Shitty, Excerpt #2!!!

Here we go again!!! It’s time for another edition of our literary polling game, Really Good Or Really Shitty!!!, where YOU DECIDE what sucks and what doesn’t!!!

As always, remember my three muses

William Shakespeare

Toni Morrison

…and my wonderful high school teacher…

Mary and her husband Gareth

Mary Pittman-Jones.

Alright everybody, LET’S PLAY THE GAME!!! Here’s today’s excerpt:

On television are three or four people in chairs sitting on a low stage in front of a television audience. This is on television like an infomercial, but as the camera zooms in on each person for a close-up, a little caption appears across the person’s chest. Each caption on each close-up is a first name followed by three or four words like a last name, the sort of literal who-they-really-are last names that Indians give to each other, but instead of Heather Runs With Bison…Trisha Hunts By Moonlight, these names are:

Cristy Drank Human Blood
Roger Lived With Dead Mother
Brenda Ate Her Baby

I change channels.

I change channels.

I change channels and here are another three people.

Gwen Works As A Hooker
Neville Was Raped In Prison
Brent Slept With His Father

People are all over the world telling their one dramatic story and how their life has turned into getting over this one event. Now their lives are more about the past than their future.

Alrighty, folks…remember, this is a completely anonymous poll which in no way tracks who voted how. Feel free to vote however you wish.

Happy Voting!!! Results on Monday!!!*

*Update: This poll officially closed at the end of the day on 3/30/07. The results will be posted on Monday, April 2nd!!!

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6 thoughts on “Really Good Or Really Shitty, Excerpt #2!!!

  1. >I must admit – I'm a bit confused by the order of the ranking. I thought that Excellent would be TOP (10 of 10)while Really Good would be like 7 or 8 out of 10…is that just me?


  2. >You're not confused, CapCity. "Excellent" is the highest ranking, I just happened to have it second on the list for no particular reason other than I wrote it that way.But, in order to avoid confusion, "Excellent" is now at the top, and the choices now go in order of best to worst (as it should have in the first place).Thanks for the head check!!!


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