Gooooooooo Bucks!!!!!!!!!!

C’mon now, what do you think this is, Bizarro World?

It’s all about THE GATORS up in this piece!!!

It’s the be-all and end-all game for the NCAA basketball championship title, which my (and Rich’s) GATORS took last year.

And yeah, they’re playing DC’s team, the Ohio State Suckass Buckeyes.

Tonight on CBS, 9pm EST/8pm CST, 6pm Pacific.

Be there to watch my team mop up the floor with whatever the hell a Buckeye is.

I’m personally looking forward to watching us crack those nuts.

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Previously: The Lo Zone: Goooooooooooooooooooo GATORS!!!!!!!!!!

17 thoughts on “Gooooooooo Bucks!!!!!!!!!!

  1. >I don't like you very much!! The Gator "chump" sound is not going to help ya'll get past us!We shall see who arises victorious! (as if it won't be OSU)…pfffft! You'd better believe that as soon as the game is over, you will be getting contacted via email!! You may as well leave your laptop right next to you. When the final second ticks off, mannnnnnnnnn, all I will have to do is click send and it is on!!!*game buzzer rings*Lolita's computer: YOU'VE GOT MAIL!message reads: So sorry for your loss LO, maybe you shouldnt have put that "gator flop" music on my post! Maybe next year! HAHAHAHAHAHAGO BUCKSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!HANNNNNNNG ON SLOOOOPY!! SLOOPY HANG ONNN!!! O-H-I-O!!


  2. >and on the second day (of april)….it was sed…LET THERE BE WAR!!!!!good luck to both (i would like to talk shizzzat, but since UNC got their lunch ate by G'town, 'nuff said)


  3. >Lo, Congratulations! Your Gators beat the tar out of my Bruins! Oh well, I guess if you get to the Final Four, you are representin, but I don't think anybody appreciated the talent that exists on the Gators! They are going to be very well represented in the NBA Draft this year! Now, I hope they don't have a let-down tonight. I have the TIVO all set up because I won't be in front of the TV… Benjamin has baseball practice from 6 to 8 PM tonight! And he just turned 9 years old! Practice twice a week! No wonder these kids play like they do by the time they are 18!


  4. >Thanks, WillieD!!! Yeah, we tore your Bruins OUT THE FRAME. And even though the game ended with us having a ten-point lead, at one time during the game we had an 18-point lead. Them Gators is some baaaaaaaaaaad boys!!!DC????? You got them Pampers yet? Put on TWO PAIR before the game starts.You're gonna need 'em.Touche mon sange


  5. >pampers for what? should i plan for a cross country drive like the d*ck whipped astronaut(so she didn't have to stop to go pee pee)…just so's a brotha can ring your doorbell and present you with the headlines for tuesday's OSU VICTORY?and some buckeye gear too!I hope you enjoy the whoopin!!


  6. >Touche', DC, Touche'!!!And when you get here, I'll have the hose ready to wash off all that squishy sh*t you've been sitting in on the ride here from O-H-I-O. I'll even make you some fried chicken and homemade biscuits (and a chocolate cake!!!) to cheer you up, because I know it'll be a lonnnng, sad, sad trip, having to think about the way your BUCKnuts got their asses crunched!!!I'll even have a fresh Gator jersey with Joakim's face on it for you to change into. What size are you anyway? You BUCKnuts are big'uns, ain'tcha?Everybody Loves BUCKnuts


  7. >the only sad thing happening is that i will have to impart a piece of good buckeye gear to a clear cut hater! and… a real fan of the National Champions(OSU) wont get an opportunity to wear it!! I'll be sad that it wont be getting it's proper wearing..thats about it, but i will eat the chicken you continue to have fun and maybe even grab some Hater…i mean Gatorade to cheer for ya boys!they're gonna need it!


  8. >Just you remember who invented Gatorade, and how every athlete on the planet who's ever played a sport did so quaffing OUR DRINK.That's why we're masters. And that's why we're gonna WHOOP. THAT. ASS.


  9. >yeah i know full well why the inventors brought it into the market! ….they also proved the point that the sub par performance of the gators is attributed to a history of body altering enhancements to get to the level of REAL COMPETITORS!!! lolyou kinda set yourself up fo rthat one!


  10. >Funny the BUCKS drink it, and y'all's nuts are STILL tiny!!!BOOOOO-YAAAAAAAAH!!!!(…doing a rooster strut…)nah…who set up who?


  11. >damn, munny…lo kick y'all in OSU's micro nuts fo sho…they're going to have to run hard and fast to beat up on dem gators…and after the win, OSU head back to ohio, sportin' gators on dem feets!


  12. >Awwwwwwww, that's so cute, DC!!! Buckeyes dreaming of strutting around in gator boots.Dream on, Lil' Bucknut. High hopes gotta start somewhere. While you're dreaming, here's a sweet little lullabye to help you sleep…THE NUTCRACKER SUITE


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