Really Good Or Really Shitty, Excerpt #2: The Results!!!

We’ve tallied your responses for the second edition of our fun little subjective game of lit vs. shit, Really Good or Really Shitty!!!

Last Friday’s poll

…presented the following excerpt for your reading (dis?)pleasure:

On television are three or four people in chairs sitting on a low stage in front of a television audience. This is on television like an infomercial, but as the camera zooms in on each person for a close-up, a little caption appears across the person’s chest. Each caption on each close-up is a first name followed by three or four words like a last name, the sort of literal who-they-really-are last names that Indians give to each other, but instead of Heather Runs With Bison…Trisha Hunts By Moonlight, these names are:

Cristy Drank Human Blood
Roger Lived With Dead Mother
Brenda Ate Her Baby

I change channels.

I change channels.

I change channels and here are another three people.

Gwen Works As A Hooker
Neville Was Raped In Prison
Brent Slept With His Father

People are all over the world telling their one dramatic story and how their life has turned into getting over this one event. Now their lives are more about the past than their future.

After 337 votes (a number bizarrely-similar to the 373 votes of our first edition of this contest), here’s what you said:

[click image to enlarge]

Looks like Really Good and Meh, it was okay were practically neck and neck. And Really Shitty made a decent showing as well. 26 people’s eyes were bleeding. My apologies for that.

The writer in question is actually someone of whose work I’m also a fan. (Mind you, everyone I post won’t be a writer I’m predisposed to; I’m even planning to take submissions from those of you brave enough to face the poll). This particular piece was written by Chuck Palahniuk

…author of the novel Fight Club, which was turned into a hit movie starring Brad Pitt.

The excerpt I presented was taken from his 1999 novel, Invisible Monsters

…a story about a gorgeous, much-celebrated fashion model who has everything, then becomes disfigured (and mute) after an accident and is no longer the center of attention. She’s so hideous, people won’t acknowledge her at all. She finds redemption through a transgender woman one surgery away from fully physically becoming a woman, who teaches her the art of reinvention.

Yeah. I can just hear you all dashing away from your computers to go out and get it.

Chuck’s official website, called “The Cult,” has one of the largest, most rabidly-loyal fan bases of any author on the ‘net. But that doesn’t matter.

What does matter is his writing made 26 people’s eyes bleed at The Lo Zone, and another 49 people thought it was Really Shitty. The majority of those of you who voted just thought, Meh, it was okay.

How about that!!! Invisible Monsters
The Cult:
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3 thoughts on “Really Good Or Really Shitty, Excerpt #2: The Results!!!

  1. >Thanx for exposing me to such an eclectic array of writers (already:-). I love this Polling Concept; it shows that no matter how great a writer is – when segments of a peice are isolated it's interesting to see how well they "work" or "not".


  2. >wow, it's baseball season and lo threw a wicked curveball at us!!!the fight club was a great movie and i can see ed norton's narrating from the movie reeling those words out.good work loLEEta!


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