Happy National "Hug A Buckeye" Day!!!!!!

Lord knows they need it. So please be kind to a Buckeye.

You just might keep one of them from going postal today.

Why? Ohhhhhh, no particular reason.

Just in case anyone thought last year’s NCAA championship victory and this year’s BCS football championship win were, ahem, flukes, think again.


A huge win a year ago and two major victories this year, both against the same school. They say no one ever remembers who came in second, but I think the Buckeyes can rest assured they’ve got a place in history for what went down this year. I, for one, will never forget what a Bucknut Buckeye is as long as I live.

It’s a tiny, one-eyed nut that dared to dream…

…and ended up getting CRACKED in the process!!!


I think we need a little theme music…

Here’s the instrumental version of our pep song, “We Are The Boys.” The lyrics are below, in case you’d like to sing along!!!

We are the boys from old Florida
Where the girls are the fairest,
The boys are the squarest
Of any old state down our way

We are all strong for old Florida
Down where the old Gators play
In all kinds of weather
We’ll all stick together
for F-L-O-R-I-D-A

Awwww, what the heck. Just for good measure, here’s a BUCKnut favorite to go along with it:

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6 thoughts on “Happy National "Hug A Buckeye" Day!!!!!!

  1. >Florida's game from start to finish! I'm watching it on TIVO at 5 am cause I fell asleep with the kids last night at 9. Game summary: Oden blocks shot, Florida gets rebound, Humphries sinks 3. Oden is playing a great game but it doesn't matter because Florida is ripping 3's like there's no tomorrow! Florida is 7 for 11 so far in 3's while Ohio St. has 30 points in the paint to Florida's 16. Oden with 17 points and 8 rebounds mid-way through the second half but all for naught. It's Florida's night!


  2. >grrrrrrrrr…..yeah! I need a hug today! Yeah…FLorida played better! All year long we was busting down 3's. Last night it was the only missing element!Today, I eat crow!


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