>Do These Beetches Know Something We Don’t?

>I’ve been reading about this phenomenon for the last few months and find it to be quite fascinating, if not downright scary.

Seems bees have been raising up and hauling ass overnight—whole colonies at a time—all over the world, freaking out beekeepers and scientists in search of an explanation for something they’ve labeled “Colony Collapse Disorder“:

David Bradshaw has endured countless stings during his life as a beekeeper, but he got the shock of his career when he opened his boxes last month and found half of his 100 million bees missing.

In 24 states throughout the country, beekeepers have gone through similar shocks as their bees have been disappearing inexplicably at an alarming rate, threatening not only their livelihoods but also the production of numerous crops, including California almonds, one of the nation’s most profitable.

I have never seen anything like it,” Mr. Bradshaw, 50, said from an almond orchard here beginning to bloom. “Box after box after box are just empty. There’s nobody home.

What could it all mean? Do the bees know something we don’t? In the words of my father, is something about to rain the piles down on us?

There’s something really disturbing about drones abandoning their home with no explanation. Wonder where they’re going? I’ve got my suspicions…

BBC News: Vanishing bees threaten US crops
nytimes.com: Honeybees Vanish, Leaving Keepers in Peril

8 thoughts on “>Do These Beetches Know Something We Don’t?

  1. >sounds like the reason i & several colleagues bailed from my last teaching position – we were tired of taking crap for someone else's benefit!! Now, we're out here doing OUR thang! I wish those bees much love wherever they've decided to recolonize – let humans get their honey the old fashioned way – stumble upon it with any luck! lol!


  2. >perhaps all the drones sought after a unified colony with one queen rather than being so split up.you never know..the aliens are coming, the aliens are coming. LOL.


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