Long Live The Peter Principle!!!*

Because pretty soon, bosses are going to be too damn scared to fire people.

An accounting firm employee who was fired last week shot and killed a woman and wounded two men Monday at the suburban Detroit building where he worked, then led officers on a high-speed chase, police said.

Hours after the shooting, a motorist 50 miles north of Detroit spotted a vehicle described on radio reports and notified authorities, touching off a 30-mile pursuit that passed through a construction zone and reached speeds of 120 mph, officials said.

Anthony LaCalamita III, 38, said nothing after officers surrounded him, Genesee County Sheriff Robert J. Pickell said. Officers found a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun and three live shells in the vehicle, but LaCalamita [w]as “subdued. Very, very, very subdued,” the sheriff said.

Boy, am I glad I’m not in Corporate America anymore. You need hazard pay added into your check just for the risk of showing up at work everyday.

*The Peter Principle is the theory that people tend to be promoted up to their “level of incompetence”. The principle is based on the observation that new employees typically start in the lower ranks, but when they prove to be competent in the task to which they are assigned, they get promoted to a higher rank. This process of climbing up the hierarchical ladder can go on indefinitely, until the employee reaches a position where he or she is no longer competent. At that moment the process typically stops, since the established rules of bureaucracies make it very difficult to “demote” someone to a lower rank, even if that person would be much better fitted and more happy in that lower position. The net result is that most of the higher levels of a bureaucracy will be filled by incompetent people, who got there because they were quite good at doing a different (and usually, but not always, easier) task than the one they are expected to do.

Washington Post: Mich. office shooting leaves 1 dead

3 thoughts on “Long Live The Peter Principle!!!*

  1. >I just got back after being laid off for 10 months. I never thought of hurting anyone. I did wonder about some folks here though. What is so scary is I applied for tons of jobs in Troy. I cannot imagine if I worked in that building and I was in potential harm. I would definitely ask for some FMLA time.


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