Looking For Mr. (Or Ms.) Goodbar.

Is he or she out there? Do you think they’re on the way? How many of us believe in “The One” (or The Two, Three, Four, or Five, according to how prone you are to falling in and out of love)?

If you do believe and are single, divorced, or married (but still willing to share your opinion), how do think he or she is most likely to arrive?

1) Through mutual friends
2) A chance encounter (at the grocery store, or you run into the back of his or her car, etc.).
3) Church
4) Online
5) A friend or acquaintance who blossoms into something more.

Do you believe in true love or is all of this shit…

…just a shot in the dark?

13 thoughts on “Looking For Mr. (Or Ms.) Goodbar.

  1. >I believe in true love. I just don't believe everyone will find it. I believe in soulmates, I just don't think all soulmates will marry or are supposed to marry.


  2. >I think it's different for everyone. I know people who believe in true love and soulmates without a doubt. I tend to be more cynical about love. Whatever your stance may be…love is almost impossible to define.


  3. >I believe in love & soulmates. I have faith that our Creator wants each of us to live our HIGHEST selves. Sometimes we're blessed w/our soulmates early in life, sometimes we're required to wait on them until we have lived up to our potential and continue to maintain the Faith. that's my belief & i'm sticking to it;-)


  4. >Well for me it is definitely MS. GOODBAR. I don't believe in the soulmate theory, but I do believe that chance encounters can and will oftentimes turn into romantic flames if fanned properly.There is so many places to find romance—not just love. I'm kind of fond of grocery stores. Ask COrtney Gee…LOL!!


  5. >I believe you can find love almost anywhere and at any time. But there is more to it than the feeling. Love is an action verb, it's not enough to say it, or feel it, it's what you do about it.


  6. >MATT!!!!MY NIGGA!!!!(don't respond or you'll get fuck'd up!)…lolgood to see you again, keeps the bars open til 6am….LP will be rollin' thru soon!


  7. >LANCE!What's up MY…friend…How's it going?And Rich, didn't this particular blog start because of an attempted "stab in the dark"?OY!


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