Pardon The Interruption.

Ahemm (clearing my throat), Can I have your attention please. You back there in the back, can I have your attention please. Thank You.

I’ve gathered you here today to share a bit of news. Ms. Files is taking care of some business matters and will return as soon as possible. In the meantime, she has asked that you excuse her presence. She is hoping to return soon, maybe tomorrow, maybe not until the beginning of the week. Nevertheless, as soon as it is humanly possible, she will return with more of her enlightening commentary, the continuation of Really Good – Really Shitty, and all the other material that you have come to love at The Lo Zone.

In the event she can’t return by tomorrow, I will once again be your gracious host.

I know, I know, but love me anyway.

Peace….2 Fingers

Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

4 thoughts on “Pardon The Interruption.

  1. >Hey Rich. How about you tell us newbies how you came to host The Lo Zone. P.S. Lo, girl how come you have not posted comment on my blog. LOL.


  2. >WHAT DA HELL?!!!!WHERE'S OUR HOST HO.ZONE?!!!!are NOW gettin' PC, 'cause of FUCK FACE IMUS 'N DA MORNIN'?….ugh, negroes.can't live wiff'em!…(always watchin' t.v. and got the music going on, at the same time!)…can't live without'em(greesy fried chicken and red kool-aid, just too dayum good!)(;-P


  3. >Shai, Lo and I go back to about '91. She was teaching me the blogging ropes and gave me access to her blog pre-The Rich House. She never retracted it, so when she found her self with less time due to traveling with "Love In The Nick of Tyme", I did her a solid by jumping in and holding down the spot.Lance, what was that tirade all about. I told you about drinking in the middle of the day.


  4. >naw, i was just 'pectin' a little "ho-show", since lo was on the go, ya know?…i know, ain't no g_g here!but since the word "bitches & hoes" are slowly disappearing from our midst (wait til the new 50 cd drops!)i thought hozone would have appeared for sum, entertainment….lolpass the forty! (8-P~~~


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