Big Love Shortage Solution

American women really make a big deal out of monogamy. You would think with the shortage of men that women would be willing to legally share their spouse. You know, in order to help a sister out.

I got to thinking about that after reading an article about a man being accosted by his two wives when he decided to consider a third. He said after they beat him down, his only recourse was to go through with marrying the third wife. So, I wondered if you ladies would humor me and comment as to how many women would you allow your husband/future husband to have, if it was legal. Would you still want to be married?

Man’s wives have no sense of humor

Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

6 thoughts on “Big Love Shortage Solution

  1. >ROFLMAO. Rich wanna be startin' sumthin. HELL THE FUCK NAW! I would rather be single. SMH.Damn, just because there is a shortage of men don't mean I am that desparate. GEEZ.


  2. >Definitely NOT MY cup o' tea – but i've met several who are part of poligamist societies – yes, here in the Big Apple…only the "first" wife is legally recognized – but it works for some…


  3. >I subscribe to the Muslim view on this point: polygamy is ok if it follows the rules. A man can have up to four wives IF he can treat them the same (emotionally, physically, financially, etc.)Think about it; if youre a woman dating a man who has kids (by baby momma or divorced wife, that woman affects your life and relationship! If you have to deal with the hassle of another woman, you might as well have the same rights as that woman. Well, thats just my opinion, lol.L


  4. >@Lola, I don't buy your explanation about polygamy. It is a crock, polygamy that is. Lack of men so share. NOT!Ain't no convincing me. Try if you might because most likely you will find a justification. I won't buy that either.


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