>Do The Math.


It just doesn’t add up. Fed Ex had agreed to pay $53.5 million to settle a racial bias lawsuit. The spokesperson for FedEx is calling this a win-win settlement, but I beg to differ. I thought the whole point of suing was to make the other party pay.
While $53.5 million sounds like a lot on the surface, it has to be split amongst nearly 20,000 African American and Hispanic workers and then we haven’t even touched on the lawyer fees. If we don’t take into account the lawyers fees, each party in the suit would receive $2675.
Yeah, I think that covers the loss wages that could have been gained if the reviews were done properly and the promotions had been granted. Fed Ex didn’t come up with a win-win, they just came up with a way to leave their current and former employees stranded.

FedEx to pay $53.5 mln to settle racial bias suit

Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

7 thoughts on “>Do The Math.

  1. >did fed-ex throw in a bucket of KFC and a watermelon for dessert?…for what they got in return, might as well…speakin' bout race and stuff…not to be a dead hoss on the rutgers gals vs imus, but where's oprah?helloooooo?….


  2. >hey sheletha, in the movie "cast away" with tom hanks, tom played chuck noland, a fed-ex executive who survived an fed-ex plane crash in the pacific ocean, washing up on a deserted island. wilson, a washed up fed-ex package from the wreckage, was a volleyball that became his best friend. lo was tying in the movie "cast away"….fed-ex employees…and the racial bias suit.if you haven't seen "cast away" it's a must see. it'll may that survivor reality shit on t.v a joke.


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