There is a moment that sometimes occurs just before breakthrough.

That moment is when all hell breaks loose to try and throw you off track.

It is in that moment that defines who we really are.

Will you stand?

Will you cower?

Will you fight?

Will you allow God to bring you through?

In that moment, it is your job to summon every bit of strength you have and make up your mind to remain positive, remain strong, remain brave, remain faithful. It is in that moment that you must…


Stay Safe, Enjoy Your Weekend, and May God Keep You until we meet in cyber space again.

Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

5 thoughts on “Press.

  1. >As I wait to hear good news from my agent (haven't signed anything yet but am claiming her anyway), and a few other things going on in my life, this song and post served as a perfect refresher for me this morning. Thank you for the timely inspiration.


  2. >Wow, i needed this…it is a very scary feeling when you know your personal daybreak is near, and at that time doubt lies waiting. I am so overjoyed by what has taken place in my life and i look forward to my rewards, and i pray to stay faithful as this song and post reminds. Have a wonderful weekend family.


  3. >Learning to change my language to accept the blessings flowing my way, Miz – this is a NEW feeling, a Breath-taking feeling and we must be more vigilant than ever to weed out the doubt planted by "nay-sayers". I, too am overjoyed! With the help of others who are stepping into their flow, Sis – we GON' BE alRIGHT!Thanx for all this inspiration BigBroRich & Lo – we need all that we can GET:-)


  4. >Wow Rich…rigt now I'm feling like ALL I can do is hold on…to Him, my faith, my belief that He will clear this fog I'm in. It gets hard sometimes…but that sure helped to give me strength.Agreeing with DC…that was right on time


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