>Bring Your Boots.


The shit runs deep in this house.

Full Story:

A man living in a home with a layer of animal feces between 2 and 3 inches deep and as many as 300 cats, both alive and dead, was arrested Friday, authorities said.

Jonathan Terpstra, 61, was charged with 55 counts of animal cruelty, two counts of tampering with evidence and one count of resisting without violence, the Ocala Star-Banner reported.

Authorities had to break some windows to ventilate the home. Oxygen levels inside the home were low and ammonia levels extremely high, said Lt. Ron Baroni, with Marion County Fire Rescue.

Animal feces also was backed up in corners and crevices, Baroni said.

One deputy told the paper that when he arrived at the home, there were vultures feeding on a cat carcass and more vultures on the rooftop.

Animal control officials removed at least 80 cats from the home by Friday evening, said Dennis Underwood, an animal control field supervisor with the county’s Code Enforcement Department. The animals were being examined, Underwood said.

Terpstra was being held at the Marion County jail on $1,000 bond.

I don’t even have the words for this shit.

Man arrested in feces-filled home

Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

12 thoughts on “>Bring Your Boots.

  1. >that is some nassy shit.I remember when I was working with the 2000 Census, and I had to interview people in their homes. My worst house was an old lady with many cats. And since I think cats are evil, this was very disturbing. Nothing compares to this filth…


  2. >I agree with Lance, mental case. And I don't like cats or dogs (sorry Cort). I am not animal person. Kittens and puppies are cute to look at not for me to have. LOL.


  3. >i wonder what would happen if this "nut job" would start shittin' all over the jail cell? bed, floor, beside the toilet? …other than the occasional ass whuppin' from inmates, whaddya gon' do?


  4. >i love cats & love the dogs of people i love whose dogs are cool with me. Pet OWNERS set the temperament of the animal = crazy owners = crazy pets (dogs or cats). cool owners = cool pets. i REALLY have affinity for cats because i am low maint. & so are they! i like dogs that are that way too – don't be all up in my face all da dayum time….jeeeez! can't stand ANY needy animals. lol! this man was just crazy & nasty!!reminds me of that case in harlem some years back where the brother had a crocodile and a lion in his APARTMENT – tha's some craziness FO' Ya!


  5. >P.S. – cats don't need to be walked for the sake of exercise or toilet needs. THEY practice their own Yoga moves. so, i get to stay in bed during rain, snow, sleet & hail as I watch dog owners drudge through the elements. lol!by the way – i no longer have either – but may one day get one or both;-)…


  6. >Shai – kids grow up & move out PLUS i'll be getting income from mine – whether they like it/know it/or NOT. LOL! but, i know i'm going to bear a rack of readers ANYway…my husband, kids & i are going to be like this family i saw at a restaurant where everyone had a book out! lol!heck, girl i taught for 16 years & ALL my students learned when to stay outta my face & I taught pk-12th (& they still knew i loved each & e'ry ONE of 'em :-).Sheletha – pet OWNERS RULE! cats just have more class & cat owners don't argue…we know we're superior. lol!


  7. >LOL. SMH. Cap it is different when the kids are yours, trust me. Even my 16 year old can be up under me at times and I tell her beat it give me space. They still can get up in your face. LOL.


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