8 thoughts on “>Sending Forth Prayers.

  1. >my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, families of the deceased as well as the faculty and students of VT.when i first heard about it online, it was a random shooting, one dead. then it grew. maddening. sickening.the gunman then took the easy way out, suicide.


  2. >from what i saw online, he was shooting at random and now believed he was involved in a possible shooting at va state, before virginia tech. unfortunately, many were killed. and at least one black was killed, ryan clark, a senior from martinez, ga who carried several majors w/a 4.0 gpa.


  3. >i pray for them all INCLUDING the gunman. i don't know if i believe that suicide is an 'easy' out…i think individuals who do such horrific deeds have tortured souls…but maybe i'm naive. i'll pray for them ALL & their families anyway…


  4. >when i meant "easy", i meant versus police in a "firefight". it was a successful, cowardly "escape" from being caught or killed by anyone else.


  5. >I remember when school was an escape from the craziness of the inner city. Now, it's becoming the killing fields. My prayers go to the affected families, the other students and faculty, and every parent and child who is feeling the cold truth that death is often ugly and painful for the peaceful. So sad…so sad.


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