>Why Spend Money?


When a good butt whooping will do. I’m sorry, but this has to be something that is prevalent among my “lighter” complexioned brethren, because black momma’s don’t play that bribe stuff.

Call it a reward, or just “bribery.” Whichever it is, many parents today readily admit to buying off their children, who get goodies for anything from behaving in a restaurant to sleeping all night in their own beds. Often, the rewards are for behaviors their own parents would have simply expected, just because they said so.

The new dynamic — sometimes seen as a backlash to that strictness — has some parenting experts wondering if today’s parents have gone too soft.

Heck yeah, parents have gotten soft. You noticed I said “momma’s” above, because while I talk tough, I give into my kids a lot more than my parents did with me. In my house, my wife is the bad cop most of the time. I’m fun guy. But it suits me, I’m daddy. However, I’m no pushover, I will get with their program when I have to. Of course, that’s when my wife makes me. – LOL!

Many Parents Admit They Bribe Their Kids

Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

4 thoughts on “>Why Spend Money?

  1. >"whoop dat ass!!!!""whoop dat ass!!!!""whoop dat ass!!!!"ahhhh, the good ol' days…black parents didn't give a shit about what the "man" sed about spankin'. they laff'd at sigmund freud on child behavior but white folks kept on believing it, til their kids started kickin' their asses.but we don't play that shit…i 'member back in the day, when you used to get yo' ass toe out the frame at school. do something bad, you had to face that paddle with the holes in 'em, with that old white woman illustration drawing on the handle. yeah, that's one mean bitch. and when i mean bitch, i mean BITCH!and on top of that, once your parents found out of the drama you did at school, you gotta anudda ass whoopin' at home!kids got it lucky now, we punk-ass parents take away their video games and cell phone. wow, what punishment?!!!!


  2. >Being a single parent, I swing from one pole to the other. I had an interesting upbringing and my moms was tough when she was around and paying attention to me. My grandparents who did alot of my raising were 'Because I said so' types. They did not whoop, well, grandma did at rare times. They lectured you or shamed you to death. SMH. I still cringed when I had to give them bad news as an adult because of what they would say. I have to say I pay attention more to my daughter. I talk to her, I mean really talk even about awkward things. She shares things with me and I cringe inside and listen to know where her head is at. When she was younger I asked why she did it, I explained why I spanked her or punished her. I do have to say I had wished when I was growing up, I was more informed about things in life.


  3. >Ah Lance, the good ol' days. I had my ass paddled by principals, teachers and coaches alike. I don't think they're allowed to even yell at kids any more. Those days set my ass straight! And you were spot on with the addition of having to go home when you KNEW you had ass-whuppin' number two coming.Still hurts to even remember it!


  4. >Shai,I think my ex-wife does the same thing. I'm pretty sure she swings from one pole to the other. But then again, she's a dirty whore.Get off my back, I'm trying to heal.


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