My New Part-Time Job.

Business is booming for a Berlin entrepreneur’s unique service — delivering break-up messages for a fee.

Bernd Dressler, who charges 50 euros ($68) to tell people they have been dumped, says he has helped end 200 relationships in the last 11 months.

I guess I could call myself UN-Hitch. I meet so many people who for the sake of being nice won’t tell people the truth. I don’t have a problem with it. I can be brutally honest (don’t let the big smile fool you). So if you got somebody hanging on and you’ve tried all the subtle ways of telling them that you aren’t interested, then drop ole Rich UN-Hitch (ohh, that’s catchy) a line and once you wire the money to my Pay Pal account, I’ll gladly do the deed for you.

Other services for an additional fee. Read the story, you’ll see what I mean.

Reuters: Oh, and I’m supposed to take the ring back, too…

Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo).

8 thoughts on “My New Part-Time Job.

  1. >in this country, with the divorce rate so high along with dysfunction dating relationships to start with, you could make a $$$$ killingor…you could be killed.


  2. >Talk about the possibility of the messenger getting killed. LOL. SMH.Do you have to be brutal when being honest? Is it necessary? I get being to the point, not mincing words. I admire honesty not brutality. Breakups are hard. Texting, emailing or leaving a message to break up with someone is a punk azz move. Man/woman up and take care of business wisely. SMH.


  3. >Yeah breaking up these times have become kind of wild…had a friend try to leave her man and he blocked the driveway with his truck, called over his boys and family, threatened to the point she had to call the Po-Po.


  4. >I like this aspect of his biz:"People wanting to dump their partners in person can make use of coaching sessions given by Dressler" though, it may help to have police on hand. What does it say about our society though, that police will not intervene in domestic situations until it's almost too late?


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