>Splash And Burn.


Japan’s leading toilet maker Toto Ltd has to fix about 180,000 bidets because they are catching on fire.

Can you ladies imaging pressing the button for a little sprinkle and dry only to get lit up instead. Talk about being hot in the ass. This gives it a whole new meaning.

Toto says bidet toilets may catch fire, offers free repairs

Posted by Rich (subbing for Lo)

5 thoughts on “>Splash And Burn.

  1. >A real HOT MESS! lol! I don't like the idea of bidets, ANYway – can't get with a water fountain for the back end, blech. Either a good bath or wipe & go.


  2. >I remember the first time I had the Ethiopian meal Awaze Tibs (spicy beef tips). The Ethiopian girl I was dating who prepared this meal for me didn't explain that the strips of pepper in the dish were NOT bell peppers. No, no. They were very hot and dangerous jalepeno peppers. I gobbled down a bunch of them and started to cry immediately.Flames actually came outta' my ass that night. Literally – flames from my bung-hole. It was not pleasant.


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