9 thoughts on “>Caught In A Trap.

  1. >That's still funny. The trap works cause we like snatch (I'm being nice today), and we still don't believe they like tha rod unless they come out the box like freaks. Chicks are some calculating creatures.


  2. >That crap doesn't work on me! I create my own scenarios and make it do what it do!Crocodile tears is the fastest exit out of my presence. Janet Jackson started this sh*t with "Let's wait awhile"..I'm not buying it—look how she turned out….CARPE DIEM!!!!


  3. >I have to be honest .. I have fallen victim to the trap oh too many times… DC you ain't found yourself caught up with someone that ytou didn't weant cause they just hung around or weas so damn nice you was like I have to hit that ? Don't know why but ugly women got the best loving .. ( it's not like they can lay there and look pretty so they put it down ) of cou7rse I don't make a habit of slaying ugly damsels in need of dick distress … but I have given back to the community muhahahahahahahahahaha. Eddie was on point with this bit .. definitely a comedy classic Lance was right in saying as you get older the game gets played less or does it … maybe the game just morphs as you mature and is played differently


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