>Touch My Monkey.

>Seeing as the topics here at The Zone cover the gamut of things, I figured I’d get our Monday off to a heated start and come back with a bang (ha!!).

Exactly how long is too long to go without sex, and are the rules different for men and women?

If a man goes for a while without it, is he considered odd? Conversely, if a woman has an active and voracious appetite, does that make her a skank? Can women go without longer than men, and if so, does that mean that women don’t need sex as much?

Just what are the rules of engagement when it comes to the monkey?

15 thoughts on “>Touch My Monkey.

  1. >I have not had sex in a long while and I am not anxious to either. No, I am not saving myself for marriage, just the right guy. I may find it odd at first if a man has not had sex in awhile. I do have a good friend and he went without for about 2 years. I found it commendable. Far as I am concerned, too much fucking around outside a committed relationship and with various partners is a NO-NO, female or male. Sex has become overused and detrimental in some instances.Yeah, my comments are extreme and intense. LOL.


  2. >I don't think a woman needs it less than a man, just may have a little more control… sometimes. I think the longer you go without the easier it gets to do without.


  3. >i think it TOTALLY depends on the maturity, the experiences (or traumas), the greater needs, etc. of the individual…once u get over the physical cravings…it's not SO bad..I guess it's like quitting any addiction (cigarettes, sugar, caffeine, etc.): how badly do you want to quit, and what is your goal/reason for quitting?


  4. >Oh, I don't know about that capCity…addictions like alcohol and smoking aren't wired into our DNA like sex is. If anyone watches the show "House", I'm currently in his predicament re: sex. I can give up booze, fried catfish and huspuppies but you have to pull the pussy from my cold, dead penis.


  5. >Well, I'm certainly late to the party on this one… too bad! Interesting looking at all these comments though… like sex is some sort of external "addiction" like cigarettes or something – talk about a negative assessment – wow! Puritans be gone! How about it being as necessary as sleep, food, exercise. It is a pretty damn basic need, and anybody who ain't gettin' it and lovin' it regularly…. like practically daily… is missin' out big time. Ya, sure, some Buddhist monks do without as part of a very specific and disciplined practice (and Christian monks went around beatin' theyselves with whips!), but then they be tryin' for immortality… and others practise Tantric Yoga… personally, I'd roll Tantric-style…. For me the only thing that comes even close to producing the physical and emotional well being of a good O is a 90 minute Bikram class…. maybe that's why I go three or four times a week!


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