Here’s Hoping Cam Doesn’t Live Next Door.

Because if he did, my ass might be grass. Mulch. Or worse. No thanks to him.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, you must not have watched 60 Minutes this past Sunday, because they did a segment called “Stop Snitchin’“…

…that was truly something to behold. I spent a good part of yesterday discussing it with several close friends.

The most compelling part of the segment, in my opinion, featured rapper Cam’ron (aka “Killa Cam“). I’ve included some of the video below. About two minutes and 33 seconds into it, an interesting exchange occurs between Killa Cam and interviewer Anderson Cooper

…that made my jaw drop when I first saw it and has had the internet all abuzz ever since. Here’s the video. Check it out for yourself.

Now, mind you, a part of me does understand my people’s deep hesitation to enlist the help of “the authorities.” One of my dearest friends, Bryonn Bain

…a man I consider my little brother, experienced racial profiling in a manner that garnered national attention (including 60 Minutes coverage) at the hands of overtly-biased cops. Three years later, against all reason, it happened to him again. Even worse.

Since we’re on the subject, here’s my favorite part of the interview that 60 Minutes did on my little brother Bryonn a few years back. It’s one of my favorite statements ever regarding cultural pride. So sue me. I love being black. 60 Minutes: Stop Snitchin’

12 thoughts on “Here’s Hoping Cam Doesn’t Live Next Door.

  1. >Deep breath…About a year ago I had to take an honest look at myself and I had to reevaluate this whole snitching thing. I did so, because I saw the practice being perpetrated even in the church. It's just like the video you provided; the kids being interviewed were a part of a church ministry, but yet they held on to their street mentality. The same thing was happening with the kids at our church. To me the problem is not a matter of mistrust for the police or authority. It really is a matter of an identity crisis. Even as Christians we are so immersed in street culture and racism that we never model our behaviour after Christ. We would rather uphold the standards of the enemy (Satan, Devil, whatever) than side with righteousness. If you examine it to its core, the philosophy of snitching is whack in the first place. Telling someone not to snitch is to say "Allow evil to run rampant, without being checked, and while you are at it let that same evil keep you in check. To me a people who promote the theory of "Stop Snitching" are nothing but punks. It primarily hails among males who are trying to be men but are nothing more than boys falsely imitating bravado. It's also interesting that rappers love to wear EXTREMELY large "Jesus Pieces" yet you couldn't find Jesus in their actions if you had a magnifying glass.Now Run Tell Dat!Oh, and I love your boys response about wanting to be white. The flavor is on this side of the street. Believe that.


  2. >Oh, one more thing. You got to be kidding me that dude would move rather than identify a serial killer. I don't buy his music, but for that comment alone, he should be reduced to poverty.


  3. >FIRST OF ALL: Am I the only one that loooooves me some Anderson Cooper and his 360?????I guess Im just not getting the whole snitching part??? Of course when it comes to something minor that won't harm me I would be cool about it. But the question was posed "if a serial killer was living next door, what would you do?"this *african* said he would move???? I don't get it…I just don't get it…cause I would be singing like a flippin canary. There is no honor in being quiet. What the hell is he talking about?


  4. >I agree 100% with Rich. SMH. I live in the hood and see ish. I see folks doing janky stuff and don't want folks snitching. Yet, if their stuff or people are messed with then they want answers. Huh?I get that all police are not right. I also get if my fam, child, friends, and self get harmed, hell snitch the muthfukkas out. When I was robbed this year while I was still in the house, I did not give a fuck about the snitching rule. Whew! This hits a nerve for me, hence I am ready to move cause the rift-raft next to me if driving me crazy. I miss how my neighborhood used to be. SMH.


  5. >"snitches get stitches" …i used to live by that rule. In some ways I still do—but only when it pertains to family or close friends. A stranger gets no loyalty like that, especially if they are committing heinous crimes. I would even consider collecting money on a tipline for a serial killer. SMILE!!!


  6. >a beautiful post lo…snitching…it happens in everyday life, not just in the 'hood. but everywhere from your own house and family to corporate america. sometimes you just keep yo' mouf close and mind yo' bizness.think about it and be honest.have you seen, heard whether via firsthand/secondhand or even third person or via email and then told someone else beyond the person in question? consider it gossip but it's snitchin' on a lower level. though anderson has a nice piece on snitchin'….where white surburia and media don't realize that cops on t.v and crime dramas and cops in real life are not the same. what happens in the hood is retaliation? when i was living in miami in '98, i remember a woman was gunned down at a street pay phone because she witness a drive-by. that's the reality of ghetto. don't kno'. don't tell. where was the police then? feel me? it's all about survival. and with the justice system fuck'd up as it is, you witness a crime in your hood, point out the suspect who, by the way, has a criminal background and three months later, that same criminal mutha-fucka is back on the streets? guess who's gonna stop by for dinner?!!!that's reality.


  7. >Yea, the snitchin' issue is deep. i'd move if i lived in the type of hood where non-snitchers are rampant…heck, i DID move from that kind of 'hood. don't know what the level of snitchers are here – but i'll PULL people into my situation if need be, so that they'd have to snitch, cry for help, etc. Police need to earn greater respect from their communities is true – but I will gladly send one trouble after another if my life & well being (or lives of loved ones) is threatened.As Lance stated – snitching is on VARIOUS levels from the outhouse to the white house…every day individuals must decide when to call in "authorities" for abusive situations.Sadly, Cam has stated to the world that he's owned by the record labels = the highest bidder. Not only will he not snitch on those carrying guns, but he's not going to snitch when deals go bad & he gets f&%ed!Sheletha – I agree Anderson Cooper is one of the few journalists that I admire greatly.LOVE the video comment about being white to know what it's like to want to be Black!


  8. >never had I ever desired to be white but I would like to bleed green like my creditors and my kids believe I do … I'm not a snitch .. never tell especially if you was involved cause now they got you and them.. no conspiracy charge for Deddy .. All I can say is I don't lieik CamRon's music but I do understand the credoCortney Gee comedian yes .. but I have hustled more than a few days in this life …


  9. >whut up CG?…open question to all:(yeah, lo i know it's yo blog babycakes! DOH!!!! i was told not to tell ANY woman that…"babycakes" or ELSE!…yikes!!!) if you were the sole witness to a murder of a person of "ill repute" would you report it to the police?if so, please add me as a beneficiary to your life insurance policy?…


  10. >First of all, I think the "360" in 'Anderson Cooper 360', represents the number of directions he's willing to go sexually.Secondly, I didn't see the piece and now it looks like the videos are down. My best friend was telling me about it yesterday and the statement I made was, "That sounds like a prison mentality…"However, one would likely find the exact same thinking with whites in mafia controlled neighborhoods.I've always thought snitching was good in the fact that (especially in the serial killer case) YOU might be next. Once upon a time people in neighborhoods rose up against an internal threat, now they cower in the shadows.I know one thing, if a grave threat grew up in some neighborhood in Addis Ababa, such as a serial killer, there wouldn't be much left of the guy for the cops to throw in jail.


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