When "The Fuck You Man" Says "Fuck You, Man!!!"

Former Spice Girl Scary Spice Melanie Brown is making it known that Eddie Murphy is definitely the father of her new baby, and she’s pulling out all the stops to tell anyone who’ll listen.

Meanwhile, Eddie Murphy couldn’t give two shits, apparently, as he forges on with his new love, Tracey Edmonds.

Don’t you just love Hollywood? People can take a pass here for all kinds of things. I mean, seriously, what kind of high-profile ass would reject his own brand-new baby?

Um, er, maybe I should recouch that.

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25 thoughts on “When "The Fuck You Man" Says "Fuck You, Man!!!"

  1. >if i was Eddie i would have a sit down with Mr Edmunds and ask him just how the hell Tracy could curl her lips to say she didn't know Babyface was Babyface and she met him while filming one of his videos … I mean Babyface wasn't an over night sensation he had been with the Deele I guiess she hadn't seen 48 hours either or seen RAW .. from the loks of things Eddie is back in his RAW phase dropping off seeds in scary spiced girl cat bareback… must be nice to have his kinda loot .. the child support will be high but he makes enough loot were it will be a drop in the bucket


  2. >Coffee spiked with whiskey?Anyway, it seems like high profile people often live in some sort of parallel universe. Like Lo said, "what kind of high-profile ass would reject his own brand-new baby?"


  3. >Did yall know Johnny Gill was a baby daddy???okay anyway…Im with eddie on this one, I want a test done dammit. And don't drag this out like anna nicole.


  4. >Cort, you are a crazy. Hey I need a shot of that though. LOL. High-profile or low-profile, negroes will do ignaut ish regardless. Rich folks are only folks with mulah. Famous folks are folks we see they azzes in the media alot. No difference. SMH.


  5. >this is hilarious. i have to agree with Shai, a lot of people do it. Women are joining the ranks of deadbeats and now are paying child supportI am glad that my skank a$$ son's mom dipped cause I have had custody of him since he was 7 months old.Good post!


  6. >I don't know but i'm thinking if Eddie jumped in there, did the double-back monster with Scary, hatless, he ought to at least consider, or give it some thought that the baby could be his…just take the dayum test and move on.


  7. >tssk, tssk, tssk….can't y'all see what's going on?scary is scurrred and using the media beat down eddie.eddie's holdin' his cards close to his chest. more than likely, the baby AIN'T his….why, you may ask?1) he probably has had a vasectomy after his last kid with ex-wifey, nicole (he has a total of 7 kids, 5 with nicole and 2 from other women) and keeping it on the, "ahem" down low to prevent future baby bloopers from wildin' out.2) if you had a vasectomy, would you tell the world about it? and a celebrity too? hell naw, that's why i believe he's being too coy about it, saying things like "i BELIEVE or THINK the child is not mine" rather than "HELL NAW!!!! SHE LYING!!!!" better for his image to be low-key and philosophical about it and not look like joe hood-rat from the maury povich show.timing is everything. shrek3 is coming out soon. interesting to see when the announcement will be made about the scary's claims. if it's true, well THEY'LL…meaning scary and her lawyers…will try to hem eddie up via the world premiere of shrek3 and have the whole world looking at the baby daddy drama that'll go with the territory.


  8. >You're right, Lance. None of these girls on Eddie's arm has ever held a candle to Girly Girl.My ex-wife was on the cover of People holding her newborn to make sure everyone knew it was NOT my child!! Stupid pirate hooker.


  9. >i don't think he's frontin' like snoop on this deal willied. he's a smooth operator. she's going to look like a complete idiot if she's wrong. if she's right, oh well…eddie's got another child sa'pote check to write out.the shit is lookin' too smooth for eddie right now….


  10. >you feel me CG? i really don't think it's his, but hey, shit happens. from the stories i've read, he's like cucumber cool about the sissuation.


  11. >Cortney, I don't think I've said anything that's not already buzzing in the media. My apologies if I offended Eddie or anyone else. I just thought that Eddie should know that we'll still love him regardless of his sexual preference. I have a close friend, now who is sitting on "that" fence and our group of friends are not quite sure why. Those in our close circle who've come out have suffered NO backlash…if anything they're feeling major relief because they can stop pretending.I don't know which is worse – denying your child -or- denying who you are?


  12. >Maury: In the question of who's the father of the scary baby… Eddie you are not the father !!!!Eddie : I told you B*tch ! I told Ya and now you know what you can do you can get the f*ck out .. woah woah woah .. you don't live with me anyway anymore … so just let your scary feet get ashy as you kick asphalt !!!!


  13. >@Cort Gizzle…that was hilarious. I have one more thing to add to your story..***pan to Scary running off screen***camera man #2 closely behind in pursuit***Maury: "Scary–I mean Melanie, it's going to be alright. We will absolutely not stop(meaning the producers and I)until we find out who the baby's father is".**cut to Scary hysterically crying and falling out on the floor**Scary: "*sniff..sniff*–Thanks Maury. I know you really understand my pain and want to help me".Maury: "riiiiiiiiight..I am only concerned about the interests of you and the baby".Scary: "Oh.. thank you so much. You're wife is a lucky woman. You are still married—aren't you? I'm single now".HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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