Don’t Touch My Monkey…Please.

Last night I was watching Grey’s Anatomy

…and they had a situation where a very important person on the hospital’s board got swollen balls because…


Turns out there’s something called a “penis fish” (aka Candirú)…

…that can slither up your business (that means yours, too, ladies, which makes it an, um, “cat fish” as well).

Behold this phenomenon and be scared shitless.*

*And all this time I was just hoping to make it through life without getting chlamydia

Grey’s Anatomy: Season 3 Episode 21: “Desire”
Wikipedia: Candirú

7 thoughts on “Don’t Touch My Monkey…Please.

  1. >I have to give it to Shonda, she keeps up with the news. LOL. I had just read about this one man a couple of weeks ago who had that happen. I think it was Torrance Stephens blog. LOL.


  2. >I watched that episode of Grey's Anatomy last night and cringed…I was totally freaked out.I love and I do mean love swimming in the ocean and lakes. I'm now scared to death of having a little guy swimming up in my pole…dayummmmIgnorance is bliss and now I'm f****d up about fresh/salt water swimming.Thanks alot!


  3. >I watched last night and as soon as the guy said he went skinny dipping in the Amazon, I KNEW! I had heard about it years ago… I just kept saying, "Something swam up his pee-hole. Watch, you'll see." The friend I watched with was so grossed out when it turned out to be the case… She almost made me turn the station.P.S. Hey y'all! 😉


  4. >That is nasty as hell. I held myself all the way through the video. This is another good reason for me not to go swimming. I cannot believe that fish was so big when the pulled it out. OUCH!!!!!!!


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