Aaaaaaaaaaaah, The Good Ol’ Days…

…when commercials were cool and catchy enough to make you remember them forever. Who among us over a certain age doesn’t recall this one?


This one was also a personal favorite:

“Gimme some, Sugar”? Is it me or is that commercial suggestive as f*ck? Somehow I don’t think the “rewardHoney Bear wanted to give him was exactly found in a bowl of cereal. Post can deny it all they want…

Sugar Bear was a pimp. He’d be a rap mogul today.

Of course, this one’s a classic:

That “plop! plop!” business was always a bit iffy to me. Like maybe Alka-Seltzer should have been a laxative, not just for upset stomach. But then again, that’s just me.

This last one seemed so hip and advanced when it first appeared.

Boy, technology has come a really long way!!!

4 thoughts on “Aaaaaaaaaaaah, The Good Ol’ Days…

  1. >hahahaha…this was too cool. Nostalgia is somethin else. I loved the videos. Thanks for sharing them and reminding me that I can find anything on youtube if I look hard enough.LOL@the owl being gay. You're too much.


  2. >Through the eyes of Lo….mmm, mmm, mmm – a gay owl. Still didn't see it. I bought a many Maxell tapes on the strength of that commercial that they were a lot better than the competition.


  3. >I DID love that cool azz Sugar Bear! His voice (according to Wikipedia): Gerry Matthews provided the original voice for Sugar Bear which feature qualities similar to Dean Martin's. He portrayed a shallow eyed, easy going character.


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