Happy Pub Day To Meeeeeeeee!!! Happy Pub Day To Meeeeeeeeeee!!!

That’s right, y’all, I’ve got a new baby!!!

Sure, you may know the hardcover version of my book, sex.lies.murder.fame.

…but the paperback officially hit today, and she’s all decked out for the summer.

Ain’t she purty?

So, why don’t you ask her out? She’s partial to leisurely afternoons on the beach, long walks in the park, holding hands…awwww, who am I kidding?

She’s easy!!!

Just pick her up and she’s yours!!! For a nominal fee, natch. (I said she’s easy, not free.)

She even comes with her own little movie. Just in case you never got to see it, here’s the lovely film trailer the awesome folks at Amistad/HarperCollins put together. Oh, you didn’t know about us having a film trailer for the book? What, you been under a rock? You can read about it HERE.

So come celebrate with me and the FABULOUS folks at Amistad/HarperCollins who treat me like gold, including Gilda Squire, Bryan Christian, Dawn Davis, Erin, Mel (thanks for finding me on MySpace!!!), my awesome editor and friend, Lil’ Pools Jennifer Pooley

…and a host of people who came together to make this a fun experience for you. Pick up the book for them, if not me. They work soooooooo hard. Besides, like I told you, while she might not be free, she’s definitely easy

…and she’s cheap!!!

HarperCollins: sex.lies.murder.fame.
Amazon.com: sex.lies.murder.fame.

12 thoughts on “Happy Pub Day To Meeeeeeeee!!! Happy Pub Day To Meeeeeeeeeee!!!

  1. >awww look at that cover!!!!!! just all bright and colorful.Those that read it for the first time, will never know what hit em.Okay Imma ask one mo gin. How do I get one of those sex shirts?????


  2. >Now that it's got a new look, maybe I will finally read it. I hear it's another great Lolita Files feature. But you know I wouldn't expect anything less.Congratulations


  3. >Happy publication day once more!!!!For a moment I thought when you had the link to "new baby" that it would go to another page–the one for Men in Trees, but I guess I am probably the only person who watched it beyond the pilot!Yay!!!!! once again…xx


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