Happy Birthday Lance!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (*REPOST*)

Since I got this wrong the first time it was posted, back on MARCH 2ND (all loud and wrong, thanks to lying-ass MySpace sending me a note that it was Lance’s birthday), I figured I’d just repost it, complete with all the comments of love everyone had for him that day. It all still holds true…the passage of two months’ time has only made the love deeper. So, herewith…Lance’s original birthday post

I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to wish one of our most faithful Lo Zoner’s…


Lance, here’s hoping today is a fun, exciting, special, and blessed day.

Good luck on winning the Lottery this weekend (I know you have your tickets).

The Lanceman always tells it like it is, but that’s what we love about him.

Happy Birthday, Bruh!

19 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Lance!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (*REPOST*)

  1. >HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LANCE!!!!!!!I love, love, love you to pieces and am so honored to have known you for nearly ten years. (Can you believe it??? Between you, Juan, and Rich, collectively, I've known y'all for almost forty years!!!)I just KNOW you're gonna win the Lotto. As for us Lo Zoners, we won the Lotto when we got you!!!Love ya,Lo


  2. >Happy Birthday, Lance! Though recently acquainted, you certainly know how to leave an impression on a brotha..Have fun and be safe when you do it too! LOL


  3. >thanks lo, rich, sheletha, girly_girl, d.c., c-mac….but….my birthday is MAY 2, not march 2.of course, y'all kno' i'm laffin' my ass off, but it feels good to know i'm being cyber-loved by the crew.i really feel blessed to know you care. on may 2, i'll be sure to pour out some jack daniel's on floor for ya! (;-Pone love,the lanceman…PLAY MEGA MILLIONS TONIGHT Y'ALL: $267,000,000!!!!!by the way, lo…there's a new diet pepsi jazz called "caramel crunch"…when you get a chance, test drive and tell me what you think!


  4. >ahhh, smack, I can't believe I didn't check back in on yesterday and ended up missing Lance's Birthday.HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER LANCE, YOU ARE LOVED!Juan


  5. >Lance sent me the following e-mail and I'm posting it on his behalf:thanks lo for the repost love i haven't been around lately on any of the blogs due to "technical difficulties". the broadband modem on my computer dun blew up last week and trying to pull up any blogs is like pullin' teeth with a pair of pliers! …to all my cyberbuds, love, peace & blessings to you all. …and to all those that i've piss'd off in the past (white folks/beyonce/sanaa lathan/mammyfest sheroes) i still got love for y'all too. i'll try to get on as regular as i can, but this dial-up shit is for the birds! (;-P


  6. >Happy Birthday, Lance! And thanks so much Rich, I ALMOST said something about the girl in the picture with Lance. Whew.p.s. When Lance said he might've pissed off 'white folk', does that mean me? Lance has never pissed me off. He's a great guy, as are all my fellow LoZoners.


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